Creative CD Storage Ideas for You Home

People who have experience with disorder CD collection will know the sad and annoying feeling of finding the favorite CDs. It may happen to you as well. When you want to listen to music and watch videos but you have difficulties to get your CDs just because they are not in good order. It is […]

French Country Decor Elements for House Design

Whether if you find your house styling boring or you just bought a new house, it is important to choose the right theme and decoration for your house. Not only that it will make your house looks a lot better, but it will also affect the mood of the occupants. If you are living in […]

Color Wheel Chart for Paint Colors Selection

If you are not into painting or decorating then you probably do not know what color wheel chart means, to be fair, most people do not know what this mean at all. The color wheel is something that is used by decorators and painters to determine what color is suitable for something and how it […]

Bed Canopy with Lights for One of a Kind Bedroom

Want to feel like a king or queen? Then there is one thing that you can easily to make it come true, make yourself a bed canopy. But not a regular bed canopy, you should make a bed canopy with lights on top of it. The canopy alone already makes you feel like you are […]

DIY Storage Bed Ideas for the Best Project

Welcome to DIY storage bed guide where you can find the basic ideas for a storage bed. If you do not familiar with the term, the storage bed is basically a bed on top of your storage, think of it as two functionalities in one item kind of things. It is mostly made by using […]

DIY Rustic Decorating: A Door Picture Frame

A door picture frame can be the best rustic decorating ideas for your living room. The idea is very simple. You just need to modify an old door panel to build a large photo frame. There are some ideas for you:   A Story Book Frame Door The first idea would be perfect for an […]

Cool Bed Frames Buying Guides

Cool bed frames are available on huge numbers. You can find them with various styles and designs. As we know, there are a lot of bed frame products marketed widely. That’s why you can find them easily in your local area. Talking about bed frames, you need to know some designs that can fit your […]

Shabby Chic Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

Shabby chic bedrooms decorating ideas can become the best option for those who want to have fun but affordable bedroom design. The technique for the interior designing can be made from decorative pieces that bring the aged look. You can maximize the shabby chic look by applying the right furniture such as French linens, distressed […]

Earth Tone Colors Kitchen Decorating

Earth tone colors must be the choice of those who are inspired by the nature. The colors are perfect to be applied in any part of home, including the kitchen. Combine the earth colors for every part of kitchen. For example, dark green that describes lush foliage, ethereal blues that mean the blue sky, or […]

Teal Living Room, How to Make It?

Teal living room can be an idea that will make you successful in designing a unique living room. The distinctive color will look more special and beautify the room effectively since the design is balance in color and accessorized properly. Teal is also a unique color that can make interesting palette of design. However, teal […]