10 Best Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Sweet Home

Farmhouse décor is great for people who enjoy living a country lifestyle in a home that sports ranch-inspired design. Farmhouse décor is often associated with a life in a ranch with livelihood revolving around growing crops and raising livestock. Therefore, all farmhouse decorating ideas necessarily incorporate ranch-inspired elements into both exterior and interior design of a home.

However, despite its name, farmhouse décor is now espoused not only by homes that are located in secluded places that are far from the hustle and bustle of city life. In fact, many urban and metropolitan homes now attempt to integrate farmhouse décor to their modern design. It is thus now very common to see modern homes that effectively adopt farmhouse living room decorating ideas and similar ideas for other parts of those homes. The rustic, country or vintage element of farmhouse design is not always associated with old-fashioned home design.

Farmhouse decorating ideas can be applied to every part of your home. And when you decide to apply any of those ideas, you can guarantee that they will greatly improve the atmosphere of your home. If you need inspiration to get started in using them in your home remodeling project, here we can provide you with all great ideas to effectively incorporate farmhouse décor into your home design.


Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

A farmhouse living room can be a great place as both formal sitting area and casual lounge. Elements that can be incorporated into it include exposed timber frame on the ceiling, rustic wood furnace, and hardwood floor.

Farmhouse Living Room Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Nicelivingroom farmhouse-living-room-decorating-ideas-gallery farmhouse-living-room-decorating-ideas-pictures


Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse décor can incorporate country or rustic design. The most tangible difference between the two is that rustic design tends to accentuate worn-out, earth-toned and battered decorative elements whereas country design tends to include antiquated elements that are more vivid and still retain their elegance and sleekness.

rustic-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-gallery rustic-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-photos rustic-farmhouse-decorating-ideas


Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

The best example of modern farmhouse design is the one found in some Scandinavian houses. They effectively incorporate rustic elements like wood stove and wood frame into modern home interior that features clean geometric lines, simplicity and airiness.

cool-modern-farmhouse-decorating-ideas modern-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-gallery modern-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-images


Farmhouse Porch Decorating Ideas

In a traditional farmhouse, porch plays a great role as a place to converse and to relax because ranchers need to oversee their livestock while enjoying their leisure. When farmhouse décor is incorporated into certain home design styles, there are obviously plenty of farmhouse porch decorating ideas that are ready to use.

farmhouse-porch-decorating-ideas-images farmhouse-porch-decorating-ideas-photos farmhouse-porch-decorating-ideas-pictures farmhouse-porch-decorating-ideas


Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse décor can be used in a bathroom effectively by incorporating wooden elements into its design. An earth-toned wooden cabinet installed under bathroom sinks on a white marble countertop, for instance, will give the bathroom décor a farmhouse accent.

farmhouse-bathroom-decorating-ideas-pictures farmhouse-bathroom-decorating-ideas cool-farmhouse-bathroom-decorating-ideas


Farmhouse Decorating Ideas Kitchen

A number of farmhouse elements, including antique Windsor chairs, wooden dining table, farmhouse sink, and reclaimed beams on the ceiling, can effectively create farmhouse atmosphere inside a kitchen.

farmhouse-decorating-ideas-kitchen-gallery farmhouse-decorating-ideas-kitchen-ideas best-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-kitchen


Farmhouse Decorating Ideas Bedroom

Designing a farmhouse bedroom can be as simple as incorporating earth-toned elements like light hardwood floor and grey walls into the design of the bedroom. It is also possible to add industrial elements, such as reclaimed wooden walls, to the bedroom.

farmhouse-decorating-ideas-bedroom-images farmhouse-decorating-ideas-bedroom-photos farmhouse-decorating-ideas-bedroom


Urban Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

An urban house will appear elegant with its rustic look if certain farmhouse decoration elements, such as split-rail fence, wooden cabinetry, and high ceiling with exposed beams, are added to its exterior and interior design.

urban-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-images urban-farmhouse-decorating-ideas


Vintage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Unlike in a modern Scandinavian farmhouse, in a vintage farmhouse, you need to stay committed with the design period. Clean lines can be incorporated, but there must be elements to balance them, including vintage-inspired lighting, plates decorating the walls, vintage furniture with its original design.

vintage-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-gallery vintage-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-images vintage-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-photos


Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Country farmhouse décor tends to adopt the majority of vintage décor elements while incorporating the sleekness of modern design and vivid color that distinguishes it from rustic design.

country-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-images country-farmhouse-decorating-ideas-pictures country-farmhouse-decorating-ideas

Farmhouse décor is so versatile that you can incorporate it to most design styles you are familiar with, including vintage, rustic, country, and modern styles. With the richness of farmhouse decorating ideas that are available today, it is highly possible for you to include them to your home remodeling project regardless of how your home is constructed and where it is located. Farmhouse décor can always be used to enhance its overall look and feel.


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