10 Cool Money Clips that Should Be Inside Your Wallet

Most of people will use their wallet to save money and other stuff. Unfortunately, it’s only few of them that know how to make it looks good and proper. It sounds simple and not so important, but, this condition will make you easier to take money or card from your wallet.

Actually, there is easy way to keep the inside of your wallet looks good. You can use money clips. Now, you can find cool money clips. These money clips aren’t only can keep your money or other stuff in proper. It also has cool design, which can be cool accessories for your wallet.

More than that, there are also other functions that these cool clips. So, it’s not only to keep your money in one place, but also can protect you, make you looks great and many more. And, here are 10 best cool money clips you can try.


Alaska Bear Classic Silver Money Clip (price $10)

This cool classic money clips will look great, if you use it on some of $20 bills. The silver style makes it looks elegant and the design also makes it easy to use. But, the most important thing, it’s cheap.



Self-Defense Money Clip (price $12)

Like its name, this money clips also can be used as the self defense tool. It’s suitable for you who live in neighborhood where there are many crimes happen. It looks like brass knuckles that you can wear and keep yourself protected.



Cole Haan Whitman Money Clip (price $20)

This one is unique money clips. Most of money clips are made of metal. However, this product is different. It is made of vegan leather. This is good choice, if you want unique and natural accessories for your wallet.



Izola Mint Condition Money Clip (price $22)

We like this money clips because it has matte finish. We can say this one has modern or minimalist feeling. More than that, the engraving pattern on its silver surface also gives it some classical nuance.



Gerber GDC Money Clip (price $24)

This traditional money clip will take you back to past with its cool and classic detail. This brand itself is widely known as one of the best brand for knives. And, you also can find 1.75-inch blade secretly inserted into this money clips.

gerber-gdc-money-clip-ideas gerber-gdc-money-clip


Jack Spade Cheddar Money Clip (price $29)

Actually, this money clips looks cool and funny as well. The cool part comes from its design and material that they use. The nickel metal makes it unique as well. And, the funny part it also has cheddar text on its surface. So, it will be your cheese in your wallet.



Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip (price $30)

Swiss Army Knife is known as a must tool for any adventurer. If you think that you are adventurer, this one is good choice. It’s not only an ordinary money clip. You also can use it like ordinary Swiss Army Knife.



Maxx&Unicorn Co. Brass Money Clip (price $38)

The one that made this see-through brass money clip, Maxx&Unicorn Co. is known as one of the best leather wallets maker. So, we can say, they know what they are doing, and this money clips is the proof their masterpiece technique in making their wallet.



Batman Money Clip (purchase $40)

For Batman fans, this is your best choice. Although it’s quite expensive, but its bat wing shape is what you need. It’s cool and you will feel like Bruce Wayne.

batman-money-clip-ideas batman-money-clip


Derby City Money Clip (price $44)

This one is good choice, for you who like to bring lot of money. We mean 20 bills in your wallet, and this cool money clips can hold it. The brass and white brass choice is also great design you can choose.

derby-city-money-clip-ideas derby-city-money-clip



So, by using cool money clips, you can make your wallet looks like what it should be. Plus, with the cool money clips that mentioned above, you also can get cooler with them. Most of them are quite expensive, but having them is good choice and investment, and they are worth to have for your wallet. The cool and functional is what they offer and you will need it for you every day activity.


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