10 DIY Bike Rack Solutions You Can Build Right Now

When you are confusing about storage for your bicycle, DIY bike rack is the thing you can consider. Actually, we can create bike rack by using much stuff around us. We can also create it by doing easy steps. As long as we know the right steps for making it, we can create perfect DIY bike rack to put our bicycle.

Bike rack is not only place for placing bicycle, but it can also save much space in our garage. As we know that a bicycle which is not saved rightly can waste much space. But if we have bike rack, our garage will have much space. So, we can save other vehicles in our garage.

Talking about bike rack, it can also add exotic view in our home, outdoor and also garage. By using bike rack, the place for saving bicycle will look tidy and comfortable. And, there are so many ideas about DIY bike rack, for example DIY bike rack wood, DIY bike rack pallet, DIY bike rack outdoor, DIY bike rack for truck, and many more. For you who are confused about it, here some DIY bike rack ideas you can create easily.


DIY Bike Rack Wood

The first idea you can try is bike rack made of wood. Prepare wood for making this rack, and you can shape it to be wooden rack for placing your bicycle. Shape the wood to be square rack, and make sure some pattern can be a fit place for placing bicycle tire.

diy-bike-rack-wood-ideas diy-bike-rack-wood-pictures diy-bike-rack-wood


DIY Bike Rack Car

Buying bike rack car may waste much money. So, DIY bike rack car will help you to save much money. You can use the things you can find easily from store, such as PVC. By combining some PVC and use metal-cutting screws, you can make useful bike rack car for placing your bicycle above the car.

diy-bike-rack-car diy-bike-rack-car-ideas


DIY Bike Rack Outdoor

It is for you who want to save your bicycle outdoor. You can use wood, pallet, or PVC to create outdoor rack. By using your creativity, you can combine some woods or PVC to create useful rack for saving the bicycle in the outdoor.

diy-bike-rack-outdoor-ideas diy-bike-rack-outdoor


DIY Bike Rack for Truck

The simple DIY bike rack for truck is using PVC. Just combine some PVC in different height. So, it can create perfect rack to be put in your truck. Then, use it for placing your bicycle.

diy-bike-rack-for-truck-ideas diy-bike-rack-for-truck-images diy-bike-rack-for-truck


DIY Bike Rack Wall

This idea is nice for you who want to save much space in the garage or room. You can use bike hangers, and apply it on the wall. Then, your bicycle can be hanged on your wall. Not only save much space, this idea also brings exotic look, and can be a good idea to perfect interior design.

diy-bike-rack-wall-ideas diy-bike-rack-wall-pictures diy-bike-rack-wall cool-diy-bike-rack-wall


DIY Bike Rack for Garage

To save much space in your garage, you can crate ceiling bike rack. By applying certain setup, you can pull the bicycle to the ceiling and down it when you want to use the bicycle. It is so effective to save much space in your garage, so you can put other vehicles without worrying about place for saving you bicycle.

cool-diy-bike-rack-for-garage diy-bike-rack-for-garage


DIY Floor Bike Rack

If you want to put bike rack in the floor, wooden rack is a nice idea. Combine some lumber, and create wooden rack for placing your bicycle.

diy-floor-bike-rack-ideas diy-floor-bike-rack


DIY Hanging Bike Rack

Hanging the tire of bicycle by using hanger is a great idea. Place some hangers on the horizontal pole, then hang the tire of bicycle to the hanger.

diy-hanging-bike-rack-ideas diy-hanging-bike-rack-photos diy-hanging-bike-rack-pictures diy-hanging-bike-rack


DIY Bike Rack Pallet

Pallet is also nice stuff to create useful bike rack. Just prepare 2 pallets, and then you can combine it to create bike storage. Just cut some parts of pallet to create appropriate place for bicycle tire.

diy-bike-rack-pallet-ideas diy-bike-rack-pallet-pictures diy-bike-rack-pallet


DIY Bike Roof Rack

It is ideas for saving your bicycle on the roof of car. You can use PVC, and apply it above your car. PVC can be found easily. And with your high creativity, you will have good bike rack by combining some PVC.

diy-bike-roof-rack-ideas diy-bike-roof-rack


Those are some ideas about DIY bike rack. We can conclude that making bike rack is so easy as long as we know the right steps for making it. We can also use various stuff around us, and making useful rack by doing easy steps. When we create it seriously, the useful bike rack will be got. DIY bike rack is solution for us who want to create best rack for bicycle without waste much time and money.


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