10 Interesting Crafts for Teens You Have to Create Immediately

Do you have spare time and don’t know what to do? Making crafts for teens may become you recommendation. As a teenager, you may have spare time and so confuse to choose best activity. Actually, making crafts for teens will give you many benefits. Not only fill your time by useful activity, crafts can also improve your creativity. And good news for you, there are so many things around you that can be used for making crafts. You don’t have waste much money to get stuff or equipment’s because some crafts can be done by doing easy ways and using stuff around you.

Talking about crafts for teens, you can use scraps, such as newspaper, bike tube, rubber band, cereal boxes, and more. It will be the best experience for you because you can use the things that you may have never thought before. Then, you can use it for yourself, or you can also sell it to other people.

Nowadays, there are so many sites you can use for selling your crafts. So, use your time by making crafts for teens, and then you will get beautiful and useful crafts that will give you many benefits. For you who are still confused, you can try making the crafts as below.


Bike Tube Pouch

When you have bike tube and it is not used anymore, you can make bike tube pouch from it. Just use your creativity to make pouch from it, and sew the right and left side. Then, you can use it for saving your pencil, colored pencils, and other school equipment’s.


bike-tube-pouch-ideas bike-tube-pouch


Washi Tape Cereal Box Organizers

Just prepares cereal boxes and washi tapes. You can cut the top side of cereal box, and form it as your desired. Then, cover the entire box surface by using washi tape. Use different washi tape to create interesting cereal box you can use for saving books and other equipment’s.

cool-washi-tape-cereal-box-organizers washi-tape-cereal-box-organizers-ideas washi-tape-cereal-box-organizers


Galaxy Shoes

It is simple crafts you can try at home. Just prepares white shoes and cover the sides by using tape. Then, paint it by dark blue, and sponge on white paint. Add detail with white paint, and then your galaxy shoes will look so great and interesting.

galaxy-shoes-ideas cute-galaxy-shoes galaxy-shoes


Easy Paper Roses

Prepares paper strips in various color. Then, you can fold the paper strips to form beautiful roses. You can use this craft for trimming gift wrapper. Or you can also use it for trimming other thing in your home.



Drawing Art Pillow

It is craft that will improve your creativity. You can draw your favorite character in the fabric. Then, use the fabric for covering pillow. It looks so cute and interesting.

cool-drawing-art-pillow drawing-art-pillow-ideas drawing-art-pillow


Rubber Band Duck

When you have so many rubber bands in your home, you can form it to be rubber band duck. Or, you can also make it to be other animals you like. Just weave the rubber band, and then form it to be animal shape.

rubber-band-duck rubber-band-duck-ideas


Pencil Parabolic Curves

It is other craft you can create by doing easy steps. Just prepares some pencils, and then form it to be parabolic curves by attached pencil tip to other tip using glue. Then, you will create good craft, that is pencil parabolic curve.



Nail and String Sign

You can prepare nails, string and wooden board. Place the nails and form word by using it. For example, you can make “welcome” word by using nails. Paint the tips of nails by similar color. Then, hang it by using string.

cool-nail-and-string-sign nail-and-string-sign-ideas nail-and-string-sign


Candy Wrapper Purse

Use various candy wrappers, and then form it to be purse by sewing it. Then, you will get interesting and cute purse. The more you sew it rightly, the better the purse you will get.

candy-wrapper-purse-ideas candy-wrapper-purse



It is simple art or craft you can try at your home. Zentangle just consists of white and back color, but it is so good-looking. You can make it easily and place it in your room to create exotic look.

cool-zentangle zentangle-ideas zentangle


Well, those are some crafts for teens you can try at home. We can conclude that beautiful craft can be made easily by using recycle stuff and doing easy steps. As long as we can do it seriously, we can get beautiful craft for ourselves and can be sold too.


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