10 Stunning Flower Pot Ideas for your Home

Displaying flower pots can be the best idea to decorate your home and garden. But, some people might think that the flower pot ideas can be too monotone. Most of us might think that vases can be better idea, though it is a little bit pricier than flower pots.

In fact, flower pots can also be the best decoration ideas. Not only it is cheaper, so we can have so many of them. We can actually plant the flowers or some other greens in the pots. This idea is indeed a great decoration that makes your house and garden looks beautiful and breath fresh air. In addition, we can also put the pots both inside and outside our house.

To get you the best flower pot decorations, you just need to improve your flower pots. There are 10 amazing ideas to improve your old flower pot or to make your own unique flower pots.


Flower Pot Ideas for Full Sun

For the outdoor pots in summers, you don’t have buy the new ones. Instead, you can just paint your old pots with pastel colors. Use oil base paint for the best weather proof result.

flower-pot-ideas-for-full-sun-gallery flower-pot-ideas-for-full-sun-images flower-pot-ideas-for-full-sun


Flower Pot Ideas Planting

If you want to plants green vegetables in spring, you can use some pipes. You just need make several holes in one pipes and fill it with fertile soil and spread the seeds. This flower pot ideas planting is also a great solution to build vertical garden.

cool-flower-pot-ideas-planting flower-pot-ideas-planting-pictures flower-pot-ideas-planting


Flower pot ideas for Front Door

Some green welcome would be the best decoration for your front door. You can choose clay pots than wrap it with some lace ribbons. You can put the pots with some pot holders around the front door.

cool-nflower-pot-ideas-for-front-door flower-pot-ideas-for-front-door-pictures flower-pot-ideas-for-front-door


Flower Pot Ideas for Deck

Some hanging pots would be really nice to decorate your deck. In fact, you need not fancy pot, just simple plastic pots with some greens. Then you can hang the, with robe pot hanger by the side of the deck.

flower-pot-ideas-for-deck-images flower-pot-ideas-for-deck-pictures flower-pot-ideas-for-deck


Flower Pots Ideas for Outside

You can also have pots to decorate your house exterior. The idea is very simple. You just need a strong pots then decorate them with natural elements such as stones flakes or white sands. For the final touch, apply some polish to make it shinny and plant some aloe law. It is the best decoration to be put in front of the house.

flower-pot-ideas-for-outside-images flower-pot-ideas-for-outside-pictures flower-pot-ideas-for-outside


Flower Pot Ideas for Shades

Even pots can provide your house an excellent shade. In this case, you just need to choose the right plants and strong enough pot. If you want to hang the pots you can plant the pink as til be hybrid. If you want place the pot in the ground, you can choose the orange copper plant.

flower-pot-ideas-for-shade-photos flower-pot-ideas-for-shade-pictures flower-pot-ideas-for-shade


Flower Pot Ideas for Kids

Prepare some small plastic pots, white paints and one strong color paint such as yellow, blue, and pink. Your kids can just paint the pots with the white paints, then pour some colored paint on the bottom of the pot and let it flow to the top part. For the plants, choose aloe vera.

flower-pot-ideas-for-kids-images flower-pot-ideas-for-kids-photos flower-pot-ideas-for-kids-pictures


Flower Pot Ideas for Front Porch

The simplest idea to decorate your front porch is to plants some zinnias. Choose medium size plastic pots, then put it into a black wire pot holder to grow yellow and pink zinnias.

flower-pot-ideas-for-front-porch-gallery flower-pot-ideas-for-front-porch-images flower-pot-ideas-for-front-porch-photos


Painted Flower Pot Ideas

Painting flower pots with daubing technique can be a great idea. Just clean the pot, apply a solid color base and add any pattern by daubing it with a contrast color.

cool-painted-flower-pot-ideas painted-flower-pot-ideas-pictures painted-flower-pot-ideas


Indoor Flower Pot Ideas

You can use glasses pots such as big jars or bowls. Fill it with water and place some greens such as aloevera and Boston fern. It will like floating if you keep the water clear.

cool-indoor-flower-pot-ideas indoor-flower-pot-ideas-images indoor-flower-pot-ideas-photos indoor-flower-pot-ideas

In short, flower pots can be applied as one of the best decoration both for your house interior and exterior designs. You can improve your old pots with countless ideas or even use old stuffs to make your stunning flower pot ideas. The most important thing is that you have to choose the right plants, especially if you want to use the pots to create certain looks in your house.


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