10 Teen Room Ideas to Perfect Your Own Teen Room

Having a perfect and comfortable room is a dream for every people, especially for teenager. If you are a teenager and want to have interesting and comfortable room, you are recommended to know about teen room ideas. There are so many ideas about teen room and you just need to choose the best one that fit with your interest.

Talking about teen room ideas, there are so many styles you can use for decorating teen room, for example hipster teen room ideas, teen room ideas teal, colorful teen room ideas, and many more. Even, you can decorate it by using your creativity to create a room that fulfills your expectation.

Some accessories can be made too, to perfect interior design of your room, for example no sew bow pillow cover, DIY photo frame, love headboard, and many more. Everything can be created as your need, and then you will get perfect teen room for yourself. But, sometime teenagers feel so confuse to decorate their own room. If you feel this condition, don’t worry about it. You can try the ideas below to get your desired teen room.


Hipster Teen Room Ideas

Hipster teen room is a nice idea for you who want to have interesting teen room. As we know that hipster refers to unique, or the thing that is no mainstream. Some ideas you can put in hipster teen room are classic bookshelf, ironic accessories, and vintage furnishing. You can also paint your room by green color to add hipster style.

Room Ideas Hipster Wallpress 1080p Hd Desktop for Hipster Teens Room hipster-teen-room-ideas-pictures hipster-teen-room-ideas


Teen Simple Room Ideas

For you who like simple thing, you can create simple teen room by putting some furniture in your room. The furniture or accessories should look minimalist or simple, so you can get perfect simple teen room.

teen-room-ideas-images teen-room-ideas-photos teen-room-ideas


Teen Room Ideas Teal

Teal is a good and cool color. When it is applied to your room, your teen room will look so interesting and give you calmness. You can use teal color for wall, pillow, and blanket. To perfect the appearance of your teen room, you can combine teal color with grey or black color. Then, your room will be more interesting than before.

teen-room-ideas-teal-images Bedrooms For Teenage Girls Interior Design Architecture And regarding Teens Room Teal Great Teenage Room Decoration Kids Room Moesihomes regarding The Stylish ikea Teens Room with regard to Home


Modern Teen Room Ideas

Add some multi function furniture to create modern teen room. Some furniture or accessories with high technology will also create modern teen room. You just need to be creative to apply it, and then you will get perfect modern teen room.

modern-teen-room-ideas modern-teen-room-ideas-pictures modern-teen-room-ideas-photos


Colorful Teen Room Ideas

Colorful teen room is so great and interesting. You can combine various colors and use it in different element in your teen room to create interesting teen room.

colorful-teen-room-ideas-photos Teens Room Awesome Themes For Teenage Bedroom Ideas Pinky with regard to Modern Teens Room colorful-teen-room-ideas


DIY Photo Frame

Interesting teen room can be created by putting some DIY photo frame. You can create it from twigs, washi tape, and many more. Then, you can put it in your teen room to add exotic look.

diy-photo-frame-photo diy-photo-frame-pictures diy-photo-frame


Love Headboard

Not only DIY photo frame, you can also create love headboard to create exotic look in your teen room. It is easy way you can do. Just using pallets, you can create love headboard that looks so beautiful for beautifying your teen room.

love-headboard-ideas love-headboard-images love-headboard-pictures


Starry Bed Post

Starry bed post can also create interesting look in your teen room. Just make simple canopy, and then apply string light on it to create starry effect.

starry-bed-post-ideas starry-bed-post


DIY Hammock Chair

Other idea to perfect your teen room is making a DIY hammock chair. It can be created easily be preparing fabric, hardwood, stainless steel quick link, stainless steel snap link, and rope. Then, you can create comfortable hammock chair that will make you enjoy your time in your teen room.

diy-hammock-chair-ideas Nice Hanging Chairs For Bedroom With Diy Natural Wooden Pallet Potting Benches Pictures diy-hammock-chair


DIY No Sew Bow Pillow Cover

It is a great idea to perfect your teen room. Just prepare fabric, pillow, glue and scissor. You just need to cover the pillow by fabric, and create ribbon shape. Combine the both side by using glue, and apply other part of fabric in the center, to create beautiful ribbon shape. And then beautiful pillow can be put in your teen room.



There are so many teen room ideas, and every idea can be applied easily. We just need to be creative and serious when applying the idea. Even, some ideas are very simple and just need short time to apply it. So, choose the best idea you want to apply, then you will get perfect and comfortable teen room.


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