4 DIY Bed Frame Ideas to Improve Your Bedroom

There are several ideas of diy bed frame that can instantly improve your bedroom. A bed frame is part of the bed structure that is usually made of wood, bamboo, sometimes it can also be made of bricks. This structure works as the main support to the mattress. There are countless bed frame designs available in the market.

In fact, you sometimes cannot find the design that goes with your need. Instead of looking for the design that goes with your need, you can build the bed frame on your own. There are several DIY bed frame ideas that you can apply today. In some cases, you do not even have to build a new bed frame, you just need to modify your old bed frame to be a new one.

DIY Bed Frame Queen

DIY Bed Frame


Wood Panel Bed Frame

The first and the most common idea is to build the bed frame with wood panel. You can easily buy the material in the hardware store. To make it easier, you can even ask the hardware store to cut the wood panel into the size you want. Basically, you just need to build the frame with simplest design. Then, install some wood panels to provide great support to place the mattress. You can build any kind size of wood panel bed frame. This simple design will perfectly go with modern, minimalist, and even rustic bedroom theme.

Best Wood Panel Bed Frame

Wood Panel Bed Frame Pictures


Bed Frames with Storage

How about bed frames with storage? You can also build your own diy bed frame with storage. If you think it is too difficult to build a bed frame with drawers or rack, it would be much easier for you to build bed frames with open racks with wooden box. You just have to arrange the boxes on every side of the bed frame. It will automatically provide you an open rack. You can place some baskets to store smaller stuffs.

Bed Frames with Storage Drawers

Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame With Storage


Brick Bed Frame

You can actually build a bed frame with any material. For example, you can make bed frames with bricks and roosters. It may not seem common, but you can create eclectic look and unique design with the bricks and rooster. Since the materials are quite heavy, it would be much easier for you to build permanent bed frame. To improve its look, you can also install some lighting in between bricks and roosters. It will not only decorate the bed frame, but also illuminate your bedroom.

Brick Bed Frame

Brick Bed Frame Queen


Bed Frames with Headboard

At last, you can also build a bed frame with headboard. This can also be a great idea to improve your old bed frame. The easiest headboard idea is to make it with wood panel. You can just arrange several wood panels to build rustic and country headboard. You can also build fabric headboard just by wrapping several wood frame with fabric materials.
All of these ideas are actually very flexible. You can always modify the basic ideas to create any design. You can also use some of the diy bed frame ideas to modify your old bed frame.

Bed Frames with Headboard

Wood Bed Frames with Headboard


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