7 Recommended Cool Desk Lamps to Perfect Your Room’s Interior Design

Do you search for the best lighting for your home? Cool desk lamps may become your recommendation. Nowadays, there are so many types of lamps, but not every lamp is useful and gives exotic look in your home.

It will be different when you choose desk lamp. It is a type of lamp that is so useful. Why? It is not only good for lighting, but it is also good to add exotic look in your home. Nowadays, there are so many types of desk lamp, and every type is really unique.

Some beautiful desk lamp such as dog lamp, titanic lamp, octopus lamp will make your room looks more interesting than before. There are still many types or models of desk lamp. You have to consider some things before buying it. For example, choose desk lamp that will make your room looks brighter, but no glare.

You can also choose desk lamp which has beautiful design, so it will make you room becomes good-looking and beautiful. When choosing the desk lamp that fulfills the criteria, you can have beautiful interior design and you will feel so comfortable in your home. But if you are confused to choose desk lamp, here some recommended desk lamps you can choose:


1. Dog Lamp

It is unique desk lamp designed by Hello Karl Studio. The design is so unique because looks like dog. Not only good for desk lamp, it can be floor lamp to. So, you can put it in your desired place to give unique look in your room.



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2. Assemble Art Robot Lamp

It is also unique desk lamp. This unique desk lamp made of machined aluminum, springs, bicycle chain, and some parts of motor. It looks so unique and will give you bright lighting in your room.

assemble-art-robot-lamp-design assemble-art-robot-lamp


3. Titanic Lamp

For you who like extraordinary desk lamp, you can consider buying this lamp. Titanic lamp has unique design because appears submerged into the surface. The surface it rest upon, so it looks so unique. This lamp is also good because designed by Viable London. White color covered this lamp and makes it looks elegant. It will really give your room a cozy touch.

titanic-lamp-ideas titanic-lamp


4. Liquid Lamp

This lamp is designed by Kouichi Ikamoto. This lamp is available in two versions, which are table and wall version. It is made of sturdy iron palate, and it has unique appearance because this lamp looks like a cup of paint that has knocked over.

liquid-lampliquid-lamp-images liquid-lamp-pictures


5. Octopus Lamp

Do you like sea creature? If so, you can choose this lamp to be put in your room. This lamp looks like octopus and available in small and large version. This unique lamp is designed by Markus Johansson.

octopus-lamp-ideas octopus-lamp-pictures octopus-lamp


6. Remote Gun Lamp

It is for you who like simple setting of desk lamp. By using a remote gun, you can control the desk lamp. It has a range of 5 feet, so you will be so easy to control your desk lamp.

remote-gun-lamp-ideas remote-gun-lamp


7. Gun Table Lamp

This unique lamp is also so great and gives unique touch in your room. It has flawless design and available in some colors, such as black, gold, white, and silver. It is designed by Philippe Starck. It is an answer for you who want to have unique desk lamp that will bring out unique touch in your favorite room.

gun-table-lamp-ideas gun-table-lamp


Those are some information for you about cool desk lamp. Actually, there are still many cool desk lamps that can be your recommendation. But, the lists of desk lamps above are so great and unique. So, you can choose one of desk lamps above to give your room a unique touch. Finally, hopefully some information about cool desk lamps above will be useful for you.


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