7 Recommended Cool Wallets for Men to Perfect Man’s Fashion

If you are a man and want to be looked as elegant and cool man, you should have cool accessories, such as cool wallets for men. A wallet is not only accessory, but cool wallet can give a man elegant look. As we now that wallet always opened in a place where there are so many people in it. So, a man should have wallet that looks so elegant and good looking.

Nowadays, there are so many types of wallets for men, but not every type of wallet will be good for a man. If you want to buy wallet, try to consider the design of it. There are good wallet designs, but there are also ordinary designs that look so monotone. If you want to be looked as elegant man, try to choose wallet with good design.

Not only about the design, you can also choose wallet based on materials. Choose wallet that is made of durable material, so you will have durable wallet that last longer. After considering it, you will get cool wallet that supports your fashion. If you are confused to choose cool wallet for yourself, you can choose one of recommended cool wallet for men. Here are the lists of it:


1. Taco Card Wallet

It is elegant wallet you can buy. Designed by Jbirds, this wallet looks minimalist but cool. It is made of high quality materials, such as full grain vegetable tanned leather, elastic band, and metal rivets. All of it makes this wallet so elegant and fit for man.

taco-card-wallet-ideas taco-card-wallet


2. Axess Compact Wallet

This cool wallet made in Sweden. This wallet is unique than other wallets. Not only unique, it is also useful because consists of top loading slots and side loading slots. So, you can save your cards based on their use.

axess-compact-wallet-ideas axess-compact-wallet


3. Bison Cash Fold

Other cool wallet you can buy is Bison cash fold. It looks unique and also available in various colors. This wallet is metal-free and coated with oils and waxes to make it free of scratch. Made of Horween leather, this wallet is also durable. So, you will get durable accessory when having this wallet.

bison-cash-fold-ideas bison-cash-fold


4. Craft & Lore Port Wallet

It is a choice for you who like so many cards and want to save all of it in a wallet. This wallet is so unique because can hold many cards and much money without being bulky. The design is so good and cool. About the material, this wallet made of high quality leather, so it will last longer.

craft-lore-port-wallet-ideas craft-lore-port-wallet


5. Hook & Albert Leather Card Holder

It is other useful card that can be your recommendation. You can hold so many cards because it has unique design that allows you to hold cash, business card, receipt, and many more. This wallet is also available in nine different colors.



6. Best Made Co. German Leather Wallet

It is simple wallet, but looks gorgeous. It is made of high quality Sonnenleder German leather, so this wallet will become durable accessory for man.

best-made-co-german-leather-wallet-ideas best-made-co-german-leather-wallet


7. Will Leather Goods Flip Front Pocket Wallet

It is also cool wallet for man. It is made of high quality leather and has good design. You will look elegant when having this wallet. You can also save many cards and cash on it. This wallet is also available in various colors,but brown and green combo may become your recommendation.



Those are some recommended cool wallet for man. The recommended wallets above can help you to make a decision to choose right wallet for you. Finally, hopefully the information about cool wallets for men above will be useful for you, especially for you who search for the best wallet.


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