Accent Wall Ideas to Make Your Interior More Striking


If your home interior looks too simple, you need to consider having accent wall. Many homeowners have this particular decor as the focal point of their interior. And it has turn their living space into something more gorgeous than before. There are wide choices of accent wall ideas that you can pick. However, you need to remember that what looks interesting in other homes will look great on yours.

There are several things you need to think about when choosing accent wall idea. One of them is the size of you space. Certain ideas will make your living space looks more cluttered and cramped. That’s why you need to avoid them if you have smaller space. Moreover, you also need to consider the purpose of the room. Certain ideas of wall accent can make your living space looks more vibrant. And others can make it more serene and calming. That’s why you need to find one which can suit your living space best.

Creating accent wall is not that difficult. You don’t need to hire professionals for it. You can decide on the accent wall idea you like and then paint the wall area. After that, you can hang certain painting or installing decals and other wall arts. However, if you want to have wall mural as your accent wall, you will need to get professional to do it.


Accent Wall Ideas for Living Room

In order to make your living room looks more eye-catching, you need to choose the right accent wall for it. If you want something that can add vibrant but mysterious atmosphere in it, you can consider purple accent walls. This chic color is available in various shade. The deeper it is the more mysterious your living room are.

Simply painting a wall area in purple is not enough. You need to have certain decoration on it. Hanging a large painting is always a good idea. However, you can always choose other decoration. For an alternative, you can add a floating shelf and place some interesting china or other decor on it.

Your living room will also looks more energetic and interesting with other ideas of accent wall. For a modern living room, you can opt for geometric accent wall. And if you want to add more feminine accent in the living room, you can have floral accent wall.


accent-wall-ideas-for-living-room-photos nice-accent-wall-ideas-for-living-room


Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

The bedroom is your private sanctuary. It is the place to relax after long hard work. That’s why you need to avoid vibrant and energetic accent wall in it. It is better for you to choose accent wall in soft and calming colors.

Some of the colors that will be perfect for this room are green, blue, pink, and brown. If you dislike this color, you can choose bold color, such as red and orange. However, it is better to use above the headboard area as the wall accent area. You can also opt for stone accent wall if you want to bring the nature in.


bedroom-accent-wall-ideas-gallery bedroom-accent-wall-ideas-photos


Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Your kitchen also needs a focal point to make it more attractive. And accent wall will do the trick. For a kitchen, you can choose chalkboard accent wall. With this accent wall, you can write messages to other occupants of the house or today’s menu on it.

You can also choose stone accent wall which is attractive but calm. As a result, your kitchen will feel more comfortable and homey.


kitchen-accent-wall-ideas-images kitchen-accent-wall-ideas-photos


Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

Some homeowners may have left their bathroom undercoated. However, an accent wall in this particular space can make your bathroom looks more unique. You can paint an area of the bathroom in your favorite color and add interesting decoration on it.


bathroom-accent-wall-ideas-images bathroom-accent-wall-ideas-pictures


For a bathroom, it is better for you to avoid stone accent wall or wood accent wall. These two ideas of accent wall can be easily damaged if they are exposed to moisture all the time.


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