Travertine Tile Pros and Cons You Should Notice Before Installing It

Home improvement can be done by improving the floor. This is because changing the floor of your house can make it fresher and tremendous. The key is choosing the right type of flooring. One of the options is travertine tile. Before applying travertine tile, it is better for you to learn more about travertine tile […]

Small Shower Ideas to Get Spacious Bathroom

Having a small bathroom it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a comfort zone for bathing. One way to turn your small bathroom into more spacious bathroom is by creating walk in small shower. There are a lot of walk in small shower ideas for various types of bathroom. The way you choose the material […]

Yellow River Granite Home Design Ideas

Yellow River granite is a Brazilian granite that is known for its durability and exquisite look. Also known as Golden River or Golden Ridge granite, this strong and durable granite sports complex pattern and vivid appearance with its grey, yellow, brown, and gold shades. This Brazilian granite is so versatile that it can be used […]

Ideas for Installing Kashmir White Granite as Home Surface

Granite surely becomes one favorite natural material which is used for building a house. It comes with luxury and there are various granite options which can be found including Kashmir white granite. This is type of granite with soft color which people can consider for covering the surface in their house. It is not natural […]

Bianco Romano Granite for Kitchen and Bathroom

Granite is a good option if you want to improve your house. In specific, you can take bianco romano granite as your reference. The main reason why you have to take this type of granite is because this material is easy to combine with different material. You can combine it with your favorite cabinets and […]

Ideas of Best and Effective Bath Toy Storage

Bath toys always become beloved things of your kids while taking a bath. It always makes them happily playing while cleaning their body. However, the plastic toys need home to stay to prevent cluttering bathtub after splashing. This is the great reason for you to have bath toy storage. So you can make sure the […]