Bay Window Curtains Ideas for Privacy and Beauty

People can be confused when they have the house which is completed with bay window feature. It can be a little bit odd after all because people need to consider about the bay window curtains.

Bay window has the same function with the regular window but there will be different way this window communicates with the remaining of the house as well as the wall of course. There will be tricky thing which should be done for finding the right design of the curtain which can be suitable with the bay window.


Bay Window Curtains Bedroom

The bedroom surely will be important room in the house which should be able to keep the privacy. There is no doubt that having bay window in the bedroom will not stop people to avoid installing the right curtain just because of the difficulty for installing the rod. The bay window curtains bedroom can be done by using the bending rod for instance. Ceiling to floor length curtains will enhance the elegant look in the bedroom. It can also be combined with blinds or sheer folding curtain.

Bay-Window-Curtains-Bedroom-Pictures bay-window-curtains-bedroom cool-bay-window-curtains-bedroom


Bay Window Curtains and Blinds

There is great idea for combining bay window curtains and blinds. This can be great idea to be applied in the bedroom after all. There can be a time when people want to get complete privacy so they use the curtain but there can also be a time when they just want to control the light intensity which accesses the bedroom.

bay-window-curtains-and-blinds-ideas bay-window-curtains-and-blinds-images bay-window-curtains-and-blinds


Bay Window Curtains Kitchen

It is pretty rare to find the bay window in the kitchen because the window area in the kitchen usually can only be found above the sink. If there is bay window, people can use it as the place for placing things such as potted plants. It is okay not to install the curtain on the window. To keep the bay window curtains kitchen simple, people can just install the curtain so it can cover things in the bay window area.

bay-window-curtains-kitchen-pictures bay-window-curtains-kitchen-images


Dining Room Bay Window Curtains

Although having bay window in the house can be tricky and challenging, people actually can find great benefit when it is located in the dining room. People can make special seating space in the bay window simply by using couch and pillows. If the bay window is big enough, they even can add the table and chairs within the bay window area. The dining room bay window curtains should be suited with the mood expected in the dining room for sure.

cool-dining-room-bay-window-curtains-ideas dining-room-bay-window-curtains-ideas dining-room-bay-window-curtains-photos


Bay Window Seat Curtains

It is pretty common for using the bay window as seating area. There are two options of bay window seat curtains installation after all. At first, people can install the curtain along the window with separated rood for fitting the shape of bay window. People can also install the curtain rod in order to cover the seating area when it is not needed.

bay-window-seat-curtains-ideas bay-window-seat-curtains-photos bay-window-seat-curtains-pictures


Bay Window Curtains with Pelmet

There are so many ideas which people can use for installing the curtains properly to the bay window. Using bay window curtains with pelmet can also be great choice which people can consider.

bay-window-curtains-with-pelmet-ideas bay-window-curtains-with-pelmet cool-bay-window-curtains-with-pelmet


Bay Window Curtains Straight Across

Bending curtain rod or separated curtain rod sounds like complicated thing to do just for installing curtain. To make it simple, installing the bay window curtains straight across surely will be the right answer for people who do not mind to cover the bay window space.

bay-window-curtains-straight-across-images Bay-Window-Curtains-Straight-Across-Pictures bay-window-curtains-straight-across-photos


The bay window can be used for various purposes including seating area and reading nook. Choosing the right bay window curtains will be crucial for supporting the function chosen for the bay window.


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