DIY Vanity Mirror from Scratch and Old Dresser

Maybe we will be surprised that the charm of vanity did not come from old Hollywood. Vanity is known in the late 17th century. DIY vanity mirror will give you a beautiful vanity. Vanity also called rouge. Vanity used to wear blush and wearing jewelry. The dressing table is also placed in the bathroom or […]

Unique Way to Save Space with Cool Loft Beds

Many people like to downsize everything recently. Even tiny home becomes a huge trend in these days. Of course, the problem is raising as well specifically the furniture designers should come up with the idea of something new and unique in saving spaces. It becomes challenges for them to solve the problem. In the bedroom, […]

Basement Bedroom Ideas with Very Attractive Design

One of the parts of your house is basement. Most people use their basement as a place for them to put things that they no longer use. However, you can use your basement in more effective way. Turn your basement into bedroom might be one of the cleverest way of using your basement. There are […]

The Most Unique and Awesome Bunk Beds

[toc] The idea to create such efficient furniture bunk beds has been proven to add functionality in a room. Awesome bunk beds become a new trend in the design world. Times have changed and the world of interior design has also evolved. Currently, the furniture with multiple functions more preferable than the usual furnishings. Many […]

The Most Expensive Bed in the World

The bed of course becomes the most important element in the bedroom as well as the house. People need to invest the best bed but maybe they will have a big question whether it is necessary or not for buying the most expensive bed in the world. When people are talking about the most expensive […]

Useful Tips and Ideas of Room Decor DIY

Decorating your house can be a quite difficult task to do, especially when you have no ideas about what you should do. There are so many room decor DIY ideas that you can use if you want to decorate your home by yourself. Before you start your project of decorating your house, there are several […]

10 Teen Room Ideas to Perfect Your Own Teen Room

Having a perfect and comfortable room is a dream for every people, especially for teenager. If you are a teenager and want to have interesting and comfortable room, you are recommended to know about teen room ideas. There are so many ideas about teen room and you just need to choose the best one that […]

Clothes Storage Ideas to Manage Your Closet and Bedroom

Everybody needs clothes storage ideas to manage their closet and bedroom so the clothes are stored well, but still easy to reach. Some people think that the size of the closet is the most important thing. In fact, we so many stuffs can be easily stored in a small space if you manage your closet […]

Modern Bedroom Ideas for Your Perfect Sleep

Your bedroom is the place where you will probably spend most of the time at your house. This will force you to make it as a personal sanctuary and there is no excuse that you have to make it the best room of your entire house. Throughout the years, a modern bedroom ideas are still […]

The Masterpiece of Master Bedroom Designs

Master bedroom designs are always expanding and develop new models and designs created by interior designer or creative people. Master bedroom is like the main character in the film, it should show the owner image. So, I think every people want to make their master bedroom designs in beautiful way! Until this period, they are […]