Benefits of Hiring A Green Waste Skip Bin

July 27, 2021 waste management

Green waste refers to waste items or biological waste that can decompose or can be composted. This definition is used partly when it comes to waste collection services and systems. For instance, green waste skip bin Perth is only meant for biodegradable and small items typically found in the garden.

If you plan to have a major garden or backyard makeover, do not look any further since Ezyskips Online will offer you hassle-free and convenient green waste disposal services. If you have tree trimmings, tree branches, logs, or shrubs, Ezyskips Online will remove them quickly and deliver the skip bins to your property for collection. Ezyskips Online is a facility that offers green waste skip hire Perth services and will ensure that your garden waste is disposed of in an efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly manner.

What makes up green waste?

Green waste is any biodegradable materials or organic waste that grows in your garden, and this might include any branches, hedge trimmings, and grass clippings.

Below are some of the materials that are classified as green waste and belong to the environmental skip bins:

  • Common weeds
  • Wood and bark chips
  • Palm fronds and leaves
  • Small branches
  • Pruning
  • Grass clippings

The following are not found in the gardens and are not biodegradable.

  • Hazardous materials like batteries, asbestos, gas cylinders, construction waste, tires, chemicals, paint, printer cartridges, and household lights
  • Concrete, bricks, pebbles, soil, rocks, and stones
  • Non-perishable and perishable food
  • Tree branches and trunks of 1 meter in length and larger than 150mm in diameter
  • Medical waste or materials like needles

Reasons for hiring Green Waste Skip Bins in Perth

Hiring a green waste skip bin is a more convenient and fast way of disposing large amounts of green waste. They are much more convenient than green wheelie bins in neighborhoods that are too small to accommodate large amounts of green waste. Green wheelie bins are normally collected from local councils once a fortnight. Another reason for hiring a skip bin is:

  • It accommodates all kinds of rubbish, including building and construction waste. The skip bin is not limited to any garbage type and can collect materials from the renovation and cleaning projects. The skip collects and disposes of construction materials, including sand, bricks, and rubble. You can also get the kind of skip bin perfect for the storage unit, general cleaning, and garage.

Green Waste Bin Hire Save The Environment 

Ezyskips Online is a hire skip bin organization that offers a wide range of skip bin sizes and ensures that clients get a skip bin that suits their needs in the best way possible. They have a team of experts that offer professional and reliable rubbish removal services and green waste bin hire services. It would help if you disposed of your green waste conveniently and properly by hiring their green waste skip bins.

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