The Best Way to Get Your Boat Licence in WA

December 21, 2021 Lifestyle
The Best Way to Get Your Boat Licence in WA

The waterways, creeks, and bays around Western Australia are gorgeous and best explored by boat. If you are thinking of buying or hiring a boat, you are going to need to get your boat licence in WA first. A Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) is required for boaters 14 and older who wish to operate a PWC or recreational vessel with an engine over 6 horsepower. 

You will need to be assessed by an authorised assessor before you can obtain a boat licence in WA. Rather than being a licence, an RST is a certificate of competency. The purpose of the test is only to demonstrate the minimum knowledge and skills required to operate a boat safely on the water.

The system is based on a set of maritime safety competencies that have been agreed upon nationally. Both theory and practical assessments will be conducted for these competencies.

Do the Theory Component for Your Boat Licence Wa in Comfort

Sea Safe Boat School offers a dedicated facility where you can do the theory part for your recreational skipper’s ticket in comfort with all of the support you need. We are the only local Perth boat school to offer air-conditioned facilities including tea and coffee and toilets so you can take your time to work with our instructors. At Sea Safe Boat School we don’t just hand you a bunch of learning material and send you on your way.

It is our goal to help you understand the theory perfectly in our Perth boat school so that you are 100% confident when the time comes to take the test. If you are ready, this can often be done in a single day. But you can take all of the time that you need and you are always welcome at our Perth boat school.

The Benefits of Taking a Boat Licence Practice Test

Feeling confident on the water is the first big step toward becoming competent. After undergoing the theory component, we can take you out onto the water to master the practice element of your Recreational Skipper’s Ticket. Unlike other operators, we don’t expect you to take the boat out into heavily populated, busy waterways to get your recreational boat licence in WA. 

We are located at a quiet bend of the Swan River with a dedicated jetty and plenty of soft sandbanks to cushion you if you make a mistake (which is common for learners). Sea Safe Boat School provides the perfect learning environment without the stress of colliding with other vessels like in other locations. Our expert instructors will provide you with all of the guidance and support you need to feel comfortable in charge of the vessel so you can earn your RST and enjoy many years of happy and safe boating.