Brick Patio Ideas for Your Dream House

Brick patio ideas are one of the most popular on a house design project nowadays. Not only to decorate the yard or your garden, brick patio ideas with fire pit is also gain more popularity. Brick patios have known for a timeless traditional look. Paved flooring gives a distinctive look that sometimes unmatched with color of the house, but lot of material now becomes more famous with industrial themes. There are so many ideas for build the part of your house with bricks.

You can choose raised brick patio ideas or paver brick patio ideas to what suit best for your needs. The key is to match the theme of your house. And you have to decide where to install them, usually brick patio is best for garden and outdoor part of your house. But it is not impossible too if you want to install them inside your house. Here is some information you need to know before deciding what to buy.

Backyard Brick Patio Ideas

Red Brick Patio Ideas

Red Brick Patio Ideas


Shape of the Brick

Most common shape is square, circle, curved, rectangle, and so on. There is some more complicated shape of the brick but it will be a lot harder to install as well. It takes a lot time to process and of course the cost will much higher than a standard looking. But the shape of the patio really affect how it appears. It can be casual and formal depending on the pattern of your brick patios.

Raised Brick Patio Ideas Designs

Raised Brick Patio Ideas Images

Curved Steps into Patio


The Price

This is also important; you have to do a research first for the material you can afford. In average you will expected to pay around two or three dollars per square foot for the bricks. But it does not include the installation, so you have to prepare more than the materials. You can go to your local masonry contractors to assure it is the price that you want. The more complex the design will be pricier.

Brick Paver Patio Design Ideas

Paver Brick Patio Ideas Designs

Paver Brick Patio Ideas


Type of Installation

Methods for installing the brick can be dry laid and mortared. Dry laid method does not require you to make a concrete base while the mortared does. The level of your gravel can affect what kind of installation will be better because if they are uneven, you will have a bad flooring and it can be a problem of you want to put a furniture on it. Make sure every brick laid on the same level.

Brick Patio Ideas with Fire Pit Ideas

Brick Patio Ideas with Fire Pit Images

Brick Patio Ideas with Fire Pit


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