Signs You Need Ceiling Replacement Or Roof Repair

14 January 2022 Home Improvement
Signs You Need Ceiling Replacement Or Roof Repair

Home maintenance is important so that your property is always looking its best and to repair and replace any structural elements that might be failing – and that includes ceiling replacement and roof repair. While plafond replacement and roof repair might sound daunting (and expensive), the consequences of not maintaining them can be much worse. It can impact the structural integrity of your entire home and a ceiling that collapses can also be a hazard to you and your family.

This is why ceilings should always be considered in your renovation projects and prioritised when there are signs of damage from wear and tear. Even the slightest crack could be the warning sign that your roof or plafond needs repairs or replacement before major damage is caused. Here are some of the leading causes of roof and ceiling damage so you can look out for them, calling in the professionals at All Ceiling Repairs to take care of minor problems before they turn into major ones such as getting ceiling replacement in Perth.

Signs Of Aging And Wear And Tear

Father Time is the leading cause of deterioration in your roof and ceiling. While they will last for many decades (depending on the materials used and quality of installation), over time they will become less able to handle the elements and other stresses. If there is any indication of sagging or bulging in your plafond, you will need to have the professionals inspect it ASAP.

Cracks In Your Ceiling

This can be a tricky one. Sometimes cracks in your ceiling are just a natural part of your home settling and they generally appear after about three years or so. Things like roller doors in your garage can cause cracks as well.

On other occasions, cracks can be a sign that your ceiling has lost its structural integrity and there could be major damage that needs to be attended to. In either case, inspection and repairs will be required – even if it is just to make your home look nicer.

Water Damage

Do you have black marks or signs of mould and mildew on your ceiling? This usually means there is water damage and could be masking larger problems. It might be problems with your plumbing, or your roof shingles and flashing could be falling apart and allowing rain to get into the roof cavity – impacting your ceiling.

This will always need a rapid inspection because extensive water damage can severely impact the structural integrity of your home. Sometimes the evidence won’t be on the ceiling, it could be on the roof. Missing, peeling or cracked shingles or damage to your flashing could be the indicators you need roof or ceiling repairs or replacement.

That is why it is always best to have your roof inspected at least annually. If you are looking for roof restoration services near me, contact the professional team at All Ceiling Repairs to inspect your home today.