Chalkboard Wall Ideas to Create a Unique Interior

Chalkboard wall is in trend these days. Some homeowners choose this wall as their interior focal point. The uniqueness of this particular wall has made it a popular decoration idea. This wall is unique because it offers homeowners a chance to express their feeling and creativity anytime they want. There are many choices of chalkboard wall ideas that can transform your space into a wonderful space. When you are choosing this ideas, you need to make sure that you choose the right one.

To have the right chalkboard wall idea, you need to consider the type of the room you are decorating. This particular wall can make almost any rooms look interesting. You can have it in the kitchen, playroom, bedroom, dining room, and other rooms in your home. But, you need to remember that certain room needs different amount of chalkboard wall with different design ideas. If you choose it with consideration, you can have a very eye-catching interior.


Kitchen chalkboard wall ideas

One of the best place to have a chalkboard wall is in the kitchen. Why it is perfect for kitchen? Most people love to write notes or messages on a paper then pin it on the fridge door. However, if you have a chalkboard wall, you don’t need to do it no more. You can simply write your notes and messages on this wall.

Moreover, you can also write what you cook for dinner so that your kitchen looks like a café. Your kitchen chalkboard wall must be located on easy-to-spot-on area. You can have it across the kitchen door or kitchen island, above the working area, or near the dining area. To make it interesting, you need to decorate it properly.


kitchen-chalkboard-wall-ideas simple-chalkboard-wall-ideas


Chalkboard wall ideas for  Playroom

Chalkboard wall is perfect a playroom. This will help your kids to be more creative. When you are decorating a playroom with chalkboard, you need to consider your kids preference and hobbies.

If you have the wall in your kids’ favorite design, they will surely want to play in the play room more often. When you are applying the design on the chalkboard, you had better left some free space that is within your kids reach. This space is intended to help your kids explore their creativity.


best-chalkboard-wall-ideas-for-playroom chalkboard-wall-ideas-for-playroom-images


Chalkboard wall ideas for Bedroom

Another room that will look great with chalkboard wall is the bedroom. This decoration idea is not only perfect for a kid bedrooms. It is also perfect for adult bedrooms. If you are having this wall in your kids’ bedrooms, you need to give your kids an opportunity to express their creativity. When you are decorating a bedroom with chalkboard wall, you have several choices of areas to put it. One of them is above the headboard. You can also choose another area for it, such as, the wall next to the bed or in front of the bed. To make this chalkboard wall more interesting, you can draw interesting drawing or hang certain wall arts on it.


chalkboard-wall-ideas-for-bedroom chalkboard-wall-ideas-for-bedroom-pictures

Chalkboard wall ideas are interesting. However, you need to make sure that you have sufficient lighting in your interior if you want to have it. If it is lack of natural lighting, you need to consider chalkboard paint in a certain color other than black.


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