Challenge to Have DVD Storage Ideas

If you are one of the people who have many collections of DVDs, this will challenge you. This challenge can be both very easy and quick. You will need DVD storage ideas to store your DVD. You don’t need to spend much time to get this done. However, to get this challenge, you can’t do it by yourself, you need to ask your family to get involved. You can imagine if you can challenge yourself to store the DVDs very well but your family member doesn’t involve. Then everything you did is useless. Moreover, since everybody wants to have their music and movies organized, then everybody should involve.

The very first step in having creative DVD storage ideas is by gather all the DVDs of music, videos, movies, and many more in the same place at home. You can watch them in different place such as in the bedroom or living room. However, having them in the same place will be more organized and ease you to find. You will be easy to keep track, perhaps, you want to put some DVDs in the car or bedroom, but make sure to put them away as soon as you don’t need them.

DVD Storage Ideas Living Room


1. Challenge of DVD Storage

There are so many challenges for storing the DVDs. Moreover, many ways are available to keep the track and organize the DVDs collections. You can have the ideas of having the entertainment centers in your home. Some people also use shelves, bookcases, towers, or spinning units to store the DVDs. Other ideas are to put them in the storage built in the wall or just organize the DVDs in the binders or DVD storage boxes.


DVD Storage Cabinet

Decorative DVD Storage Boxes

DVD Storage Boxes



2. Solutions of Keeping Cases with DVDs

If you like to keep the DVDs with its cases, then you will need the storage’s such as DVD storage cabinet or shelves. This is because the DVDs typically come with different size of cases. The shelves with the adjustable holes will be beneficial. However, make sure you don’t use the deeper holes. It will difficult for you to take the DVDs you want to watch. If you don’t have much space at home, you can use the DVD tower.

DVD Storage Binder

DVD Storage Binders Booklets


3. DVD Storage Solutions without Cases

Deciding not to use the cases is great idea as well. If you choose this storage idea, you will save more spaces. The cases of the DVDs may take the spaces. The most famous ideas to put the DVDs without cases are in the DVD storage binder and wallet. Moreover, since you don’t have the cases anymore, you’d better to organize and categorize them into some grouping such from the genre or just put them alphabetically.

DVD Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Cool DVD Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


4. Gather Family DVDs

The last challenge is to make sure that you put all the family’s DVDs in one location. This will be the best idea for DVD storage ideas for small spaces or big spaces. You must be tired looking all the DVDs scattered all over the room and find them difficult when you need. The entire family member may agree with this idea since they will not lose it and they can find their favorite DVDs easily.

DVD Storage Cabinet with Drawers

DVD Storage Ideas


Those DVD storage ideas may help you in organizing the DVDs in your home. One thing which should be to make sure is that the commitment of you and your family to keep the DVDs in the right track. Remind each other to put them away after you and your family use it. Moreover, giving labels and categorize it will be a lot easier to find. Then, there are no more problems with the DVDs scattered all around the house or you lost your favorite one. Absolutely, it will make all the family happy and enjoy the DVDs very well.


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