Clothes Storage Ideas to Manage Your Closet and Bedroom

Everybody needs clothes storage ideas to manage their closet and bedroom so the clothes are stored well, but still easy to reach. Some people think that the size of the closet is the most important thing. In fact, we so many stuffs can be easily stored in a small space if you manage your closet and maybe bed room well.

Generally, the ideas would focus on building some smart storage inside the closet or installing additional storage out of the closets. You can even combine both ideas to manage your stuffs, especially if you have many fashion items.

There are at least 5 ideas you can apply at home. The ideas require creativity and simple materials. Even for a small and tiny closet, some ideas would work very well to arrange and to hang your fashion items without making it difficult to reach or blocking the access.


Clothes Storage Ideas no Closet

You can have a simple open rack and a ladder. Place the open rack by the side of the wall. You can have additional baskets to store some clothes that are rarely worn. Then, hang an old ladder over the racks so you can hang some clothes. The ladder will hold the hangers. It is a perfect idea for you have a lot of shirts and dress.

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Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom

For small bedroom, you have to consider building an open rack or four big drawers under your bed. Then, place some partitions so you can easily keep your clothes without taking any space. This under-the-bed drawer can also be a great place to keep some sheets.

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Clothes Storage Ideas no Wardrobe

You just need a long wooden or stainless steel sticks and screws. You can just install the stick 10 inches from the wall, so you can hang your clothes with some hanger here. Then, you can have some classic laundry basket for some clothes that cannot be hanged.
clothes-storage-ideas-no-wardrobe-gallery clothes-storage-ideas-no-wardrobe-images clothes-storage-ideas-no-wardrobe-photos


Creative Clothes Storage Ideas

Most people have bad experience to organize their small fashion items such as their scarf and underwear. You just need a wire scarf hanger and install it inside your closet. It will hang anything you want.

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Kids Clothes Storage Ideas

Just by them a plastic cabinet with drawers. Then, write the clothes category on each drawer to help the kids organize their clothes easily. It would be perfect if you choose a vertical plastic cabinet with four drawers. It is not too high but have enough space to hold your kids’ clothes.

kids-clothes-storage-ideas-images creative-clothes-storage-ideas kids-clothes-storage-ideas-pictures

The bottom line is that we can always improve our closets and wardrobe to make it hold more clothes or to provide easier access to every single thing we keep. Even if we have no closet or wardrobe, still we can easily build our own clothes organizer with simple stuffs such as the open rack and some baskets. These clothes storage ideas would work well for any size of the room. Even in the tinniest room, you can always store the clothes under the bed.


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