Cool Covered Patio Ideas for Your Home

If you need to cover your patio, you must need some covered patio ideas to choose and applied in your outdoor living space. It will provide some benefits such as retreating the patio from elements, giving cozier environment as well as more privacy. It is important to purpose the theme of the covered patio so it will be more functional and becoming more enjoyable place for relaxing and entertaining in backyard.

As the covered patio isn’t used very often like a living room, you should design it well to make optimal function so that you won’t wasting money on it. There are some ideas to design a covered patio; you can make it simple, screened or detached from the home. Make it functional and comfortable enough for everyone while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. To know the best covered patio design, some ideas below may inspire to design your patio in the right way.

Covered Patio Ideas and Pictures

Covered Patio Ideas Photos

Covered Patio Ideas on a Budget


Simple Covered Patio Ideas

If you have to build a cost-friendly patio, then you need some simple covered patio ideas. You can make a simple roof with overhead trellis covered by plants and vines. The openings between the trellises will need thick covering so it prevents the poking through of the sunlight. However, if the trellises have wood planks that handle up beside each other will work well to cover the patio. There are various trellis designs to choose and add some features such as wooden walls and light fixtures.

Simple Covered Patio Ideas Pictures

Simple Covered Patio Ideas

Simple Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas


Covering the Patio with Screens

If you want to make a totally enclosed patio, then you must need some screened covered patio ideas. It is commonly made for a patio that doesn’t have windows. The screen is usually made from wire and functioned to keep the patio from insects and also shade it from sunlight. However, it just provides a little privacy and will not protect the patio area from cold weather, snow or even rain. So it will not be suitable for patio in an area with too harsh winter.

Screened Covered Patio Ideas Designs

Screened Covered Patio Ideas Pictures

Screened Covered Patio Ideas


Detached Covered Patio

If you have a plenty space in backyard, then it will be interesting to build a detached covered patio. There are some detached covered patio ideas to choose based on the available space. Build the patio by facing the beautiful view in the backyard, such as the garden, water feature, etc. To prevent the cold weather, you can build a fireplace inside the patio, as well as dining table nook and maybe outdoor kitchen to prepare some snacks or enjoying barbeque time.

Detached Covered Patio Ideas Pictures

Detached Covered Patio Ideas Images

Detached Covered Patio Ideas

By having a nice patio, you can have an inviting and comfortable place for enjoying outdoor. Just choose one of the covered patio ideas that will be suitable with the space in your backyard.


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