Cool Survival Gear for Men’s Gift

It is sure that men and tools cannot be separated one another. The tools will be needed not only in the house but also in the middle of outdoor area. Yes, many men love doing outdoor activity so they will need cool survival gear.

Survival gear actually can be a great gift idea for men. The practical use of the gear surely will be suitable with the personality of men who love anything practical.

Because it will be used as gift, people cannot just choose any survival gear, they have to choose the cool one and here are the options.


Emergency Survival Kit for Cool Survival Gear

The very first option which can be given to the men as gift must be the emergency survival kit for cool survival gear which can be used for masses. The kit can be small and taken anywhere but there are various functions which can be found including folding knife, LED light and whistle, button compass, fire striker, aluminum foil, tinder, and many more. SOL Origin Survival kit can be considered.

emergency-survival-kit-ideas Survival kit on a wooden table


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Credit Card Sized Cool Survival Gear

The survival gear does not have to be something which is used when people are in the middle of outdoor area. The survival gear can also be useful thing for daily purpose but choosing the suitable one will be needed for every day carry. In this circumstance, credit card sized cool survival gear will be excellent idea. Swiss-card Lite with various features can be great choice for anyone who loves to be prepared without bulk.

credit-card-sized-ideas credit-card-sized


Key Chain Cool Survival Gear

People maybe will not imagine that survival gear can be found in key chain size. There is this kind of survival gear after all. The key chain cool survival gear is offered by Swiss Tech Micro Max. It can be small but it is surely useful. There are 19 functions which are packed in this stainless steel gear.

key-chain-cool-survival-gear-for-outdoor key-chain-cool-survival-gear-ideas


Nano LED Flashlight Cool Survival Gear

The length of the nano LED flashlight cool survival gear is only an inch and a half. However, people can find it great for everyday carry. The beam light is focused with ten lumens. It can be used for eight hours. More importantly, this flashlight is tough since it is made from aluminum with aircraft grade. It is also weatherproof.

nano-led-flashlight-cool-survival-gear-ideas nano-led-flashlight-cool-survival-gear


Tactical Belt Clip Cool Survival Gear

There is no doubt that tactical belt clip cool survival gear by Tool Logic SLPro 2 can be great gift for men. The tactical knife is made from the anodized aluminum with high quality. It is also completed with LED flashlight which comes with waterproof feature. There is also emergency whistle as well as fire rod and striker. The belt clip is durable as well.

tactical-belt-clip-cool-survival-gear tactical-belt-clip-cool-survival-gear-for-outdoor


Forever Light Cool Survival Gear

There are various emergency conditions which can be found. When the power goes out, there is no doubt that emergency light will be needed. In this circumstance, people need to consider forever light cool survival gear. It is surely great option for men’s gift because it is self powered which means that there is no battery needed. It is also durable as well as convenience with tripod legs which are fold-able.



Solar Power Battery Backup Cool Survival Gear

Last but not least, men must be delighted with solar power battery backup cool survival gear. Even the trekking lovers will not be able to leave their technology in the middle of the outdoor area. This gear will be great help for keeping them supported with technology.

solar-power-battery-backup-cool-survival-gear-for-outdoor solar-power-battery-backup-cool-survival-gear-ideas solar-power-battery-backup-cool-survival-gear


Men can have various kinds of interest and outdoor activity can be the great interest for men. Giving cool survival gear surely can be great support for their activity.


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