Country French Décor for Classic Appearance

Ever feels that your house is too boring? Like everything is just the usual, nothing is particularly amusing or interesting? Then you probably should start decorating the inside of your house. And speaking about decoration, there is nothing classier than the European style house and for that purpose, we present to you the country French decor tips.

Why French? There are a lot of European countries, why choose French style? French style décor is known for its elegance and class, it will surely change how you view your home, and you will be hearing your guests praising you over you house over and over again.

Country French Decor Images

Country French Decorating Ideas


Country French Decor Ideas

Even if we said that you should get French style house there are a lot of different things that you can do, there is no one way for a French style house. The most important thing is to get the basic idea on how you want your room to be and for this it is important for you to check out many French style décor ideas out there. You do not need to visit a house in country French for this; with the help of the internet you will be able to find a lot of different country French decor ideas.

Country French Decor Ideas

French Country Home Decor Ideas


Country French Decor Living Room

Of course, when you are thinking about decorating your house, the first thing that you should take priority is your living room. Your living room must be the main attraction and with the country French style décor, it can be done easily. Start by looking for your favorite color scheme, country French style is known for its softness and feels subdued so avoid using strong color scheme. As for the furniture, this might cost you a lot of money.

Country French Decor Living Room

Country French Decor Living Rooms


Country French Bedroom Ideas

Due to the feels that it gave; the softness and subdued, it is also a good idea to change your bedroom into a country French style one. Similar to the living room, choose bright scheme for your bedroom; preferably white. For the bed itself, it is best to get European style bed which is made using wooden material. Remember than being French means being feminine but that does not mean that your bedroom have to feel utterly cloying.

Amazing Of Country Style Bedroom Design Ideas 6870 In Country Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms Decorating

French Country Chic Bedroom Ideas

French Country Master Bedroom Ideas


Country French Decor Kitchen

While the essence is the same, decorating your kitchen into a French style one is not going to be easy; it will need a different approach than any other room. Remember that this is kitchen where it is very easy to get dirty while it is still using mostly using wooden furniture, you can mix it with a more modern one. The color scheme still has to be soft and pale, but you need to choose the right decoration with natural material; stone, brick or wood.

Country French Decor Kitchen

French Country Kitchen Wall Decor

Modern French Country Kitchen Decor


Country French Decor Dining Room Ideas

This is one place where all of your family member will gather so this is another important area of your house beside your living room that you should prioritize over anything else. With the country French style dining room, it is best if the table and chairs are made of wooden material. To get the most of the style, it is better to choose furniture with European styled design which cost a lot of money. The color scheme is still the same though, it should be clean but not overly bright and using flowers will increase its feminine feels, so consider a place for your flower vase.

Country French dining Room Sets

Country French Dining Room


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