Creating Mosaic Stepping Stones in Your Garden

For coloring your garden, you can use many ways. One of it is by adding mosaic stepping stones into your garden path or empty ground space in your garden. The mosaic stepping stones can be made from any materials and you can determine the most stylish mosaic stepping stones from marbles, pebbles, tile, and many more even the glass. The stepping stone is great addition for lawn and garden and it can be use for personalize landscape in your home, not only the garden, but you also can set for the entrance lawn. The stepping stones in your garden or lawn create attracting visual eyes for focal point and direction track path to your home entrance.

You can build your own mosaic stepping stones. Choose the simple mosaic stepping stones with DIY project by recycle the broken ceramic China plates in your home, or by coloring pebble in your garden and make pebble mosaic stepping stones.

When you create mosaic for stepping stones, you need to create the matched color coordination that make your eyes attracted. Create pattern from the mosaic ceramic is great ideas. You can make flower mosaic stepping stones or using your children hand print when you create mosaic stepping stones kid.


Simple Mosaic Stepping Stones

For you who want to start your beginner simple mosaic stepping stones project, you can use pan for creating the stepping stones. To start with, prepare the pan and spray with the oil grease for ensures the mold will easier to loose when it dried. Put the tile into bottom pan with the pattern paper you have draw before and add the mold after it. Dig the lawn and put the mosaic stepping stones in your garden.

simple-mosaic-stepping-stones-ideas mosaic-stepping-stones-ideas simple-mosaic-stepping-stones-pictures


Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stones

If your home near beach, mountain or your garden fills with pebble, then adding pebble mosaic stepping stones can be great ideas. Buy the colorful pebble or you can paint the pebbles you find in your garden. The circular pattern is the most popular pattern for the pebble mosaic stone but you also able to take the pattern such as animal or flower pattern.

cool-pebble-mosaic-stepping-stones pebble-mosaic-stepping-stones-pictures pebble-mosaic-stepping-stones


Mosaic Stepping Stones Kid

Stimulate your kid by asking them to make their mosaic stepping stones kid. The ideas for them is create spelling their name in scrabble letter, use their old toys for create colorful themed stone such as domino, dice or make foot or hand prints with concrete block.

mosaic-stepping-stones-kid-ideas mosaic-stepping-stones-kid-images mosaic-stepping-stones-kid-pictures


Flower Mosaic Stepping Stones

If you want to add flower in your stepping stones, then there are several ways to create it. For the flower mosaic stepping stones, you need to draw it first to create the pattern from the material you use for mosaic.

cool-flower-mosaic-stepping-stones flower-mosaic-stepping-stones-images flower-mosaic-stepping-stones-pictures


Round Mosaic Stepping Stones

The most popular shapes for stepping stone is round mosaic stepping stones. It is simple and you can create directly in your lawn. Even, you can just coordinate big stone into round pattern and then put the smaller stones rounded and put the smaller more in the next circle for create simple stepping stones.

round-mosaic-stepping-stones-photos round-mosaic-stepping-stones-pictures round-mosaic-stepping-stones-ideas


Glass Mosaic Stepping Stones

The stained glass mosaic stepping stones offer you the shiny and stylish mosaic stepping stones. You can buy the stained glass mosaic stepping stones kit for easy install and safety.

glass-mosaic-stepping-stones-ideas glass-mosaic-stepping-stones-pictures glass-mosaic-stepping-stones


Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones

Enhance your garden mosaic stepping stones by taking pattern for your stepping stone. The pattern can be done with stencils or drawing in the graph paper. When you feel the pattern is too difficult, create with the simple one. Make sure before you set the stepping stones into your garden, the material from ceramic tiles, pebble and others has been grouted and it do not have any sharp edge that can dangerous for feet that’s step into the stones.

garden-mosaic-stepping-stones-images garden-mosaic-stepping-stones-photos garden-mosaic-stepping-stones-pictures


Summary : Improve your garden and landscape with mosaic stepping stones . It gives you with wide selections to choose that suit with your style and taste. You can create your own innovation and creation by using the recycle item such as your children old toys or broken ceramic china plate or the colorful pebble in your lawn. Make your DIY project and create the pattern such as flower, animal, geometric, or other shape for your stepping stone mosaic.


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