Creative CD Storage Ideas for You Home

People who have experience with disorder CD collection will know the sad and annoying feeling of finding the favorite CDs. It may happen to you as well. When you want to listen to music and watch videos but you have difficulties to get your CDs just because they are not in good order. It is even worse as you open the unorganized drawers looking for the movies you really want to watch and you can’t find that CD. Then you may need to know some CD storage ideas.

There are many creative CD storage ideas available in store or online. To solve this problem, you can spend money to get the storage in the store or you can create your own storage with things at home. You can store the CDs in the shelf or bookshelf as well as the decoration for your living room. Here are some creative ways to keep and organize your CDs.

CD Storage Ideas DIY

CD Storage Ideas


Hide or hang them

If you want to keep the CDs with its original cases, then you will need CD storage box. You can hide your CDs in the shoeboxes. Another place to hide is in the cabinet with doors. This is a little bit old storage but you can still do it. Rather than hiding the CDs, you can also hang them on the wall. Using the clear box, you can both store them and use them as the decoration.

Creative CD Storage Ideas Images

Creative CD Storage Ideas Pictures


Organize on the shelves or bookcase

If you want to keep your CDs with the cases, then you will need bigger storage. The CD storage case can be the shelves. For massive collections, floating shelves are the best. Place the shelves on the wall and organize your CDs there. You can also label the CDs based on the genre or alphabetical. Moreover, you can use the bookcase as unique storage which has the branch-shaped for your CDs.

CD Storage Ideas Pictures

Creative CD Storage Ideas


Of course, there are still many more examples of CD storage ideas. You can go to the store or just browse the internet to get the idea. If you have much time, you can even try the DIY storage ideas. If you don’t want to spend more time, buy the storage or even better you can use things at home. Having the CD’s collections in the right order will make you easy to get your favorite CD without taking long time to search. In addition, besides you keep the CDs in the storage, you can use them as the decoration in your living room as well.


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