Dark Hardwood Floors Ideas for Rooms in the House

Floor of course becomes very crucial element of home design and decoration which must be considered very carefully to create the best home. Various options of floor material can be chosen but many people love to apply hardwood for their home flooring. The hardwood flooring comes with various options as well. Based on the color, people can apply dark hardwood floors for different rooms in the house.

The dark color of the hardwood floors can be the strong statement in the room for sure and that is why people must consider the whole decoration in the house very carefully. It is better not to make every single detail in the room sink in the darkness. Nevertheless, people can use the dark hardwood for living room, bedroom, and kitchen flooring. With right combination with the remaining elements in the room, the dark color of hardwood flooring can be very impressive.

Dark Hardwood Floors Wall Color

Dark Hardwood Floors White Cabinets


Living Room

The first room where people can install the hardwood flooring with dark color is the living room. People can see the dramatic effect of dark hardwood floors living room as long as they decorate it right. Modern living room can get great support from this kind of flooring after all. Everything must be kept in white color but the floor. Dark color can still be used as accent only so the living room will not look too dark.

Dark brown hardWood Floors Living Room

Dark Hardwood Floors Living Room Pictures

Design Ideas Living Room Dark Hardwood Floors



Is it okay to use dark hardwood floors bedroom? It is absolutely fine to use the hardwood flooring with dark color in the bedroom. Once again, it is important to make the bedroom not too dark. Neutral color can be used for the rest of the room for instance. Dark color can still be used for the accent such as for the wooden part of the furniture while the rest is kept in white or neutral color.

Bedroom Ideas with Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark Hardwood Floors Bedroom Pictures

Dark Hardwood Floors Bedroom



People maybe will have great worry to apply dark hardwood floors kitchen especially when they have small kitchen. Dark color will make the kitchen look smaller after all. Nevertheless, dark color for kitchen hardwood flooring will look great when it is combined with white cabinet. It will be great investment as well since the kitchen floor will not look dirty easily. It has dark color anyway. The room with dark hardwood floors can bring the simple yet elegant look instantly but it needs very careful mix and match for ensuring that the room will not look too dark.

Dark Hardwood Floors Kitchen White Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets with hardWood Floors


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