Decorative Cinder Blocks Ideas for Your Decor Home

29 December 2022 Outdoors Decor Special Decor
Decorative Cinder Blocks Ideas for Your Decor Home

Imagine what you can do with decorative cinder blocks in your home. Cinder blocks are generally used for construction purposes. Many people then use it for DIY home and garden projects because it has the advantage of reliable material and is inexpensive.

These construction materials are able to create practical furniture in your home such as concrete block garden benches, stairs, planters, and many more.

The garden concrete block bench will give you an additional place for sitting in your garden that is durable from any weather, wind, and sun. it is free from stains and you can clean it easily.

You can use concrete, cinder or cement for creating decorative furniture or pieces for your home. You can make these construction materials for your decor project. It can be set for indoor and outdoor decor that will enhance your home. You can not imagine how the concrete block nightstand offers a beautiful interior design in your home in a great way.

Does your old concrete from past home remodel or renovation, or from the construction site near you have unused concrete or cinder block? Then you can reuse it for something new and transform your home with a piece of decoration. If you are looking for inspiration for using these construction materials for your DIY project, then these ideas below can be your next ideas.

Concrete Block Garden Bench

The Concrete Block Garden Bench is an outdoor bench that easy to make and affordable for the pocket. It just requires $30 for the building. Put the colourful cushion pillows to enhance the visual view. Similar to the previous bench, but the second indoor bench is equipped with a hollow space for storing shoes. The other idea is to create an outdoor bench from concrete blocks and lumbers. The lumber is entered into the concrete block holes that are set on both sides. You can add a sofa or just use lumber for seating.

concrete block garden bench idea
concrete block garden bench picture
concrete block garden bench
concrete block garden bench photo

Concrete Block Vertical Planters

The gardener can have highly durable planters from concrete blocks. Attach the concrete block to your wall and create a spacious separation between the concrete block in the upper and under layers for adding space for plants to grow. The concrete block vertical planters will be perfect to set the succulent or herbs plants.

concrete block vertical planters
concrete block vertical planters image
concrete block vertical planters idea

Concrete Block Outdoor Stairs

If you want to add garden stairs, why you have not created concrete block outdoor stairs? It is a creative idea for Adding steps to your landscape especially if you have a textured garden.

concrete block outdoor stairs photo
concrete block outdoor stairs
decorative concrete block outdoor stairs idea

Cinder Block Bookshelf

For your bookshelf, you can create a cinder block bookshelf by stacking a concrete block with two wood planks. Arrange into your indoor living room and you will have a bookshelf for your book collection. You also can arrange it vertically to create an attractive view.

cinder block bookshelf image
cinder block bookshelf
decorative cinder block bookshelf idea

Concrete Block Fire Pit

The concrete block fire pit in your garden will be a nice tool for warming your night party or just gathering with your night barbecue party. For the bottom, use bricks before you put the concrete block arrangement. Fill the concrete block with ground or pebbles.

concrete block fire pit idea
concrete block fire pit
concrete block fire pit design

Concrete Block Nightstand

If you want to have a concrete block in your bedroom, choose the concrete block nightstand for the decor item. It will need three concrete blocks to build. The two concrete blocks are used for the lower legs as it set with the length set in vertically and the last one set in horizontally.

decorative concrete block nightstand idea
concrete block nightstand
concrete block nightstand concept

DIY Cinder Block Vases

The simplest use for using decorative cinder blocks is used for vases. Make your DIY cinder block vases by painting with stencil paper and transform them into vases by adding ground for the plants you desire. You can use the vases for the table centrepieces when you have a party or dining time.

diy cinder block vases idea
diy cinder block vases
diy cinder block vase


Consider using decorative cinder blocks when you want to decorate your home with any affordable material that still has high durability and is easy to create with beginner skills. When you consider these materials this will give you more options for building new items for your furniture or decor.

The inspiration ideas for your decor accent pieces can be used for the living room, bedroom, patio or garden. Just ensure that the material used for the decoration or pieces is made from high durability and does not have any cracks on it.

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