DIY Rustic Decorating: A Door Picture Frame

A door picture frame can be the best rustic decorating ideas for your living room. The idea is very simple. You just need to modify an old door panel to build a large photo frame. There are some ideas for you:

Cool Door Picture Frame

Door Picture Frame DIY


A Story Book Frame Door

The first idea would be perfect for an old door panel with inserted glass. You just have to clean the old door and the glass. You might have to replace the glass with the transparent ones if the old glasses were colored or had some patterns. Then, prepare the pictures of your family as many as the inserted glass. You can create a love story of your family by choosing pictures before marriage, engagement pictures, wedding pictures, maternity pictures, and some pictures of you and your little baby. You just have to insert the picture in between the glass and its frame and tape it well. Arrange the picture due to the time line of each occasion horizontally. After hanging the door, you will get a perfect story book frame on the wall.

French Door Picture Frame with Hooks

Old Door Picture Frame with Hooks

Here is a little tips for you. If you want the door looks really rustic but still beautiful. You do not have to repaint the door. You just have to clean it with some wood polish to make it clean and shinny. Then, after the wood polish get perfectly dry, you can apply some vinegar to vanish the color without damaging the wood of your door picture frame.

Two Door Frame

The second idea would be the best for an old door with simple details. You can make it into two unique frames that are connected each other. The idea is simple. You just need to remove every panel of the door and leave the frame part. It would be okay, if there is some frame that cannot be removed in the middle of the door. It is even the best decorative part. Then, you can cut the door in half vertically so you get two frames. Then, you have two prepare two different pictures that are related to each other. For example, you can print two big sized pictures of your two children or you can print a picture of you on your wedding day and another picture of your significant other from the same occasion. Then, place the picture in each frame. You can hang the picture side by side or hang them separately as long as they are placed to complete each other in the same room.

French Door Picture Frame DIY

French Door Picture Frame

Here is a little trick for you. If you do not want to install glass in between the frames of the door, you can just have your pictures laminated. There are several lamination style for big size pictures. But, the best lamination style would be the one that is not shinny but a little ticker. It will make the picture stay last longer and create an allusion of glossy look as if there is glass on it. This door picture frame idea would be the best for a large room.


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