DIY Storage Bed Ideas for the Best Project

Welcome to DIY storage bed guide where you can find the basic ideas for a storage bed. If you do not familiar with the term, the storage bed is basically a bed on top of your storage, think of it as two functionalities in one item kind of things. It is mostly made by using wooden material and lumber, the storage area can be made just by using the regular cabinet, but it needs to have pretty strong support especially if you are planning to make twin size storage bed. The most important part of a storage bed is not the cabinet or the bed, but it’s the support and the design is pretty much depends on the crafter.

DIY storage bed Frame Queen

DIY storage bed Queen


DIY Storage Bed Drawer

If we are talking about storage bed then using the drawer is the most traditional way, it is easy to access and easy to make. For a unique drawer system for your storage bed you can use four casters on your drawer box and create a front panel in front so it resembles a traditional drawer. The casters must be made by strong material so it can support all the weight and do not forget to leave some gap so that you can easily access the drawer.

DIY Bed Frame with storage Drawers

DIY Storage Bed Drawer


DIY Storage Bed Cabinet

The storage bed which use cabinet-like arrangement is also one of the most popular type of storage bed in this age, and with this type of design you will be able to balance all the things out, as it might be pretty difficult to access the cabinet without proper design. Which is why people tend to use cabinet compartment which is only half the depth of your desirable bed size, it will make it easier for you to open the compartment that way.

DIY Storage Bed Cabinet Design

DIY Storage Bed Cabinet Ideas


DIY Storage Bed Lift bed

If you have some confidence of your skill as a craftsman, you can try to make lift bed storage bed; this design requires you to make a good use of the hydraulic lifts to make easier access to the storage area by lifting the mattress. This design provide a lot of room for your storage, but it is not easy to make and requires a lot of calculations and materials so if you are a new with such project, just ignore this one and make something simpler.

DIY Storage Bed Lift bed


DIY Storage Bed Headboard and Footboard

Another designs made for an experienced craftsmen, the storage bed with headboard or footboard; or both of them. This design requires you to be able to change your headboard and footboard into cabinet or storage; you can even make your own headboards or footboards that suit your bed more. It will require skillful craftsman to be able to do so, so this design is admittedly not suited for a beginner who just looking for simple DIY storage bed design.

DIY Storage Bed Headboard and Footboard Ideas

DIY Storage Bed Headboard and Footboard


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