DIY Vanity Mirror from Scratch and Old Dresser

Maybe we will be surprised that the charm of vanity did not come from old Hollywood. Vanity is known in the late 17th century. DIY vanity mirror will give you a beautiful vanity. Vanity also called rouge. Vanity used to wear blush and wearing jewelry. The dressing table is also placed in the bathroom or a separate room with mirrors and countertop.

Some designers create a vanity with a traditional look unique. The designer uses pieces of furniture to create a beautiful vanity. Vanity is placed in the bedroom does have many benefits. You can dress up wearing matching accessories and clothing. Vanity has a beautiful and large mirror so that you can wear the appropriate accessories to makeup. Vanity also has a functional aspect.

Dressing table is not just a simple table. Vanity already has many other facilities such as a comfortable chair, a mirror with the right size, drawers to put all your makeup tools, and a beautiful countertop. The lover’s vanity counter decorate tables with frames are very beautiful as the photos, flowers and fragrant perfume. Vanity can also be decorated with unique materials such as wood and pieces of glass so that the light in your dressing room will be lighter and you can more easily apply makeup.


DIY Vanity Mirror from Scratch: Material

You do not need to buy an expensive vanity mirror. You can create a vanity mirror with a cheap price. A vanity mirror can be made of a thin piece of wood. You should prepare a material consisting of a sheet of plywood measuring 28 x 24 inches, the bottom layer or primer, 2-piece board 32 inches, paint brushes, paint, mirrors with a size of 18 x 30 inches, pencil, six pieces of the lamp socket that is equipped with cable plug-in, drill, screwdriver, 3-inch screws, construction adhesive, 2-inch screws, light bulbs, power strips, and zip ties. All of these materials can be purchased in a store building.


DIY Vanity Mirror from Scratch: Procedures

Use two coats of primer to the surface of the plywood and two wooden boards. Use red paint and select a color for the lights on your dressing table. Place the plywood on the floor surface width. Place the plywood right in the middle and line drawings using a pencil. Make a hole with a ¼ inch size using a drill.

Insert the rope into the hole and screw into the plywood. Use adhesive behind the mirror and place the plywood. Put the power strip at the bottom of the mirror. Drill three holes measuring 1/16 inch to 3-inch screws and drill four holes with 2-inch screws. Connect the cable to a power outlet. Replace bulbs for your dressing table.




DIY Vanity Mirror from Old Dresser: Cutting

The dressing table is a great place to wear his favorite things such as jewelry, hair accessories, and other items. You can have fun in front of a beautiful dressing table. Vanity table can be placed in the bedrooms to provide comfort. You can arrange the hair and makeup.

Vanity is not only used for adult women but also a little girl and a teenager. Your little girl will be the star with a gorgeous dressing table and ornate. Do not discard the old cabinets. Cut out the middle of the closet so your little girl can sit comfortably in a small chair that replaced the cabinet pieces.


DIY Vanity Mirror from Old Dresser: Painting

If your cabinet is worn, then you can give your favorite color of your little girl. Use a primer on the closet and give the paint with bright colors. You can choose one of the primary latex or plastic. Usually little girls like pink. Pinkly is perfect for a beautiful dressing table and a dressing table can be placed in the room with the pink theme.

If the little girl’s room you already have wallpapered, then you can give a vanity with proper paint to wallpaper the room. Give the paint with a pattern of spots or lines in vanity room wall when it does not have any motives. You can buy a cute decoration in art stores.


DIY Vanity Mirror from Old Dresser: Add Mirror and Chair

The difference from the dresser and vanity are the mirror. You can buy a mirror from thrift stores, flea markets, and so forth. Dressers have the boring old components that you need to replace the component. You can replace the old drawer handle to handle more modern.

Drawer handles many forms, such as butterflies, animals, and so forth. Painting drawer parts with the same shape with handles on drawers. Vanity must have a cozy little seat. Choose a fabric that matches the color on the vanity. Create a small seat on the piano bench to put on a cute vanity. The chair can make your little girl dress comfortably.




DIY Vanity Mirror from Old Dresser: Decorating

You can collect postcards, stickers, photographs and other objects to be the decoration in a new dressing table. You can put a mirror on the dresser to arrange a birthday card or a sticker on the bottom of the glass. Place the flat object under the dressing table. Dressing table board will be a favorite for your little girl.

Vanity can be a birthday gift for your little girl. They can use a vanity to play dolls. The project makes a gorgeous vanity for your little girl is a very easy project. You can use old materials and no need to buy a new vanity of furniture stores. Birthday gift you made yourself will definitely be more memorable for your little girl.




DIY Vanity Mirror: Choosing Mirror

If you want to create a vanity with lighted mirrors, then you should know the type of the mirror before buying from a shop. Mirror equipped with lights indeed have an important role to create the look you become perfect. You can use the mirror to one side. Mirror the two sides have the usual display and magnified view on the other side. The double-side mirror can make your makeup be perfect.

Another feature is a mirror which can be rotated so that you can use the mirror in the position you want. The size of the mirror should be adjusted to the size of your room. Mirror of the correct size will make you feel comfortable when dressed up.




DIY Vanity Mirror: Mirror with Lights

You need a lot of lighting when applying makeup. The best way to get the right lighting is the use of a dressing table with a bright light. Mirror equipped with lights can help you to apply makeup properly. You need a mirror equipped with a dimming switch because the light is too bright will make you feel uncomfortable when dressing.



This switch helps you to adjust the lighting. For example, you need natural light for applying makeup on your face and you need brighter light to revoke eyelashes and clean the makeup of your face. Lighting is the important thing for your DIY vanity mirror.


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