Dog House Designs with Creative Plans

So you just bought a husky puppy and you love it so much you never consider buying or building a dog house for it, you want to be with your husky every moment. And then you realize, it shed its fur very often and now your bedroom is covered with fur, you should have looked into some dog house design and get one for your beloved husky.

Admittedly, many are not really bothered with it, but things are going to change really fast if you have a kid in your house. Sooner or later, you will need to get your dog a house and we will help you with it.

Dog House Design Ideas

Dog House Design Modern


Dog House Design Plans

You are wrong if you think there is only one design for a dog house, you probably watched a lot of programs on television and in those programs, the dog houses are always looked the same. You can search the internet and you will see that there are various different dog house designs available. If you are planning to buy or building one, it is very important to check the plans and designs from the internet as reference.

Dog House Design Plans

Dog House Designs Plans Pictures


Dog House Designs for Small Dogs

What do you choose to be your pet also affects the overall design of the dog house, for example if you choose to get small size dog, you will have a lot more freedom to choose for the dog house. The design of a dog house for smaller size dog is easy, as you can get a regular sized house and your dig will fit just fine. Just remember that you own a small pet dog, so it is probably wiser to put the dog house in a place where you can check easily.

dog house wooden pallets

Dog House Designs for Small Dogs


Dog House Designs for Large Dogs

If you own a large dog, then it’s probably a good idea to get your dog a house and we just hope that you have big enough yard. With a big dog, you will need a very big dog house, do not just get something that fit the size of your dog, remember that your dog also needs space. Bigger dog house means more expense, but you are safe to put the house anywhere around your yard. One other thing to consider is to put more blanket or carpet inside the dog house.

Dog House Designs for Large Dogs Pictures

Dog House Designs for Large Dogs


Dog House Designs for Cold Weather

Unfortunately, if you are living in an area where it is cold constantly, of it is about to be winter season then there is something that needs to be done with your dog house. Make sure that the dog house can be customized, for example you can open the roof so that it is easier for you to put more blanket and warm carpet for winter and it is also recommended to just make a dog house using wooden material, as it is perfect for almost every season; except for rainy season that is.

Dog House Designs Cold Weather Images

Dog House Designs Cold Weather Pictures


Indoor Dog House Plans

So you read about the winter and are afraid that your dog will be frozen to death if you left it outside, so you decide to just let your dog sleep inside? Well, that is easy, for indoor dog house it can be done just by putting some pillows on top of a basket or a fully fledged dog house. designing your indoor dog house is also offer a lot more freedom because you do not need to be afraid of damages caused by the environments so you can go crazy with the design; although it is highly recommended to get a design which suit your house.

Indoor Dog House Design Pictures

Indoor Dog House Design

Indoor Dog House Designs


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