Earth Tone Colors Kitchen Decorating

Earth tone colors must be the choice of those who are inspired by the nature. The colors are perfect to be applied in any part of home, including the kitchen. Combine the earth colors for every part of kitchen. For example, dark green that describes lush foliage, ethereal blues that mean the blue sky, or the deep red that express the look of the sun. The natural or earth tones can be applied on any parts of the kitchen in creative accents or the color schemes of the room. Apply them on the cabinetry, countertops, walls, kitchen appliances and accessories, as well as on the flooring.

Earth Tone Colors for Kitchen

Earth Tone Kitchen Colors


Cabinetry in Earth Tones

It is easy to apply earth tone colors on the cabinets. Apply the natural wood colors such as deep cherry, blond pine, or dark mahogany. Make it perfect with the application of ceramic tiles in sandy tan or terracotta shades. If you have cream cabinets, then it will be perfectly combined with sky blue or light green glass tiles. Whilst the deep cabinet shades like red cherry or dark maple will work best with golden yellow or brown glass tiles.

Cool Earth Tone Paint Colors for Kitchen

Earth Tone Paint Colors for Kitchen Images


Countertops Options

To optimize the natural look inside the kitchen in earth tones, countertops made from natural materials will be perfect. The materials are such as granite, butcher block, or slate. The natural element of countertop will work well with the warmth of earth tones. It will also balance the cold look of appliances in white, black or stainless steel colors. Even stainless steel countertops are also applicable but it will reflect the color of glass cabinet applied.

Kitchen Countertops Ideas and Pictures

Tile Kitchen Countertops Ideas


The Kitchen Walls in Earth Tones

To bring the earth tone colors too onto the kitchen walls, make sure it is the compliment of cabinets and countertops. If you have had dark brown cabinets, then the wall color should be lighter such as light brown or light green. On the other hand, you can apply deep grey on the wall if the cabinets have the red cherry look. You also can choose yellow of egg yolk to one side of the wall for the cream cabinets.

Pictures of Tiled Kitchen Walls

Tiled Kitchen Walls Ideas


The Accessories and Appliances

Since no natural appliances for kitchen, you can balance it by applying accessories from natural materials. Like the refrigerator and stoves, you can use bamboo for the edges. The natural materials can also be applied as windows shades, place mats on the countertops, etc. The accessories or kitchen ware made from clay are also effective choice to bring natural atmosphere. Optimize it by having potted herbs on clay container like parsley, mint, lavender, etc. on the countertops or the windows.

Kitchen Design Modern Style

Kitchen Design Modern


Kitchen Flooring in Earth Tones

Floor in earth color is also effective to support this kitchen design. Make sure you choose a proper flooring type that can withstand the water damage, heavy foot traffic, and more. Besides, it is also important to choose easy to clean flooring system. Linoleum, ceramic tiles, and hardwood can become the best materials chosen to add earth tones and fulfill the characteristic of how kitchen flooring should be. Pay attention to the cleaning and caring instructions so the flooring will be durable enough for the kitchen. Just apply anything you love since the earth tone colors are harmonious between all of the elements.

Kitchen Design Floor

Kitchen Design Floors


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