Easy Ways to Make Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Vintage bedroom ideas can be achieved in so many ways. Most of them are easy ways. Vintage is like the cross between rustic and unique. The bedroom should like it comes from another timeline. It is not from the now and it comes from somewhere in the past.

To achieve the look of a vintage bedroom, there are several decorative elements that you can actually use. They are easy to find and sometimes you can even make it on your own. Having it in your bedroom will definitely bring the vintage atmosphere to your room. Below are some of them.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Vintage Bedroom Designs


1. Vintage Retro Poster

Retro poster is unique and totally vintage. You can easily find them in online shop or just go to art and craft store near you. They are there. Vintage retro poster contains unique pictures and wordings that will be so great if it is attached on your bedroom walls. To make it look neat, put them on a frame. It is better to be a unique one like vintage wooden frame. It will add more uniqueness to it.

Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Decor


2. Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic is very vintage and as a matter of fact it is very glamorous. By using shabby chic furniture in the bedroom, you will be able to get that Versailles feeling in your bedroom. Just make sure that you do not overdo it like using shabby chic chandelier that is too huge for the bedroom. Just get the essential like the shabby chic dresser and the drawers. Do not forget the shabby chic color scheme as well.

Rustic Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Vintage Bedroom Furniture Ideas


3. Wooden Materials

If you use wooden materials, a lot of wooden materials, in your bedroom, certainly the bedroom will look rustic and it will look vintage automatically. To make sure that you have the right wooden furniture, make sure you choose the wooden furniture set instead of buying item per item. It will ensure that the color shade of the furniture is matching and able to see as a unity. If you buy separately, the color can be different.

Vintage Wood Bedroom Images

Vintage Wood Bedroom Sets


4. Coat Rack

If you want your bedroom to look really vintage, like it comes from different century, try to have a black metal coat rack in your bedroom. It is functional after all because you can always hung your coat (or cloak) there. However, it pays massive part in making your bedroom look vintage. It has that unique and sturdy look that is not saying anything contemporary. So, totally it says vintage and it will go so well in a vintage-themed bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom Accessories Pictures

Vintage Bedroom Accessories


5. Vintage Clock

Clock is needed in any rooms. Thus, having a vintage clock in your bedroom is not a mistake at all. You will be able to tell time so easily and you can easily get the vintage accent to your bedroom as well. There are a lot of vintage clocks that you can find. Most of them are using wooden material, faded paint, and dragon feet like hand pointers. If you can use something so unique like that in your room, certainly you will create a beautiful vintage bedroom for you. Happy hunting and go get your bedroom decorated with vintage theme.

Vintage Bedroom Clock Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Clock Images


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