Elegant and Cool Front Yard Fence Ideas for Your Home

Front yard fence can be made from ranges of material options. When you choose certain type of fence, you must have a great reason behind it. The reasons could be for decoration, safety, privacy, keeping the animals confined, etc. There are many options of fence that can be chosen for the front yard. It ranges from the cheap and easy to install, to the options that are expensive and should be installed by professionals. That is why you should know the materials and then chose the most suitable one for your house’s front yard.

Metal, brick and vinyl fences are three materials that are quite commonly chosen by homeowners for front yard fence. Each of the fence materials has different pros and cons as well as the functions. If you are in a plan to build front yard fence, you should find to know the options of the materials and how it will meet your reasons.

Front Yard Fence Ideas

Front Yard Fence Images

Front Yard Fences Pictures


Front Yard Metal Fence

Front yard metal fence can be made in many forms. For the ornamental fence, wrought iron and aluminum materials are commonly chosen for barriers and aesthetic benefits. Chain link is also another metal fence that is mostly chosen. Meanwhile, the wire and wire mesh fences made from barbed wire are more commonly chosen for temporary fencing. Wrought iron is the most expensive options of all. Yet it is most durable than the other metal fencing options.

Front Yard Metal Fence Ideas

Front Yard Metal Fence Images

Front Yard Metal Fence Pictures


Front Yard Brick Fence

Front yard brick fence is a good option for the reason of aesthetic and privacy. However, it belongs to a costly option, so you should choose the best design and take a look at your budget before building it. If you want to have an optimal privacy, then you should build the fence taller. Make sure it matches to the house’s design and combine the design with metal materials between the brick posts. So you can improve the aesthetic appeal.

Front Yard Brick Fence Designs

Front Yard Brick Fence Ideas

Front Yard Brick Fence Pictures


Front Yard Vinyl Fence

If you love wooden fencing style like wood panel or other styles, you need to maintain it well to prevent kinds of damages. But if you don’t have sufficient time for maintenance, then you can choose vinyl fencing. Front yard vinyl fence comes in various styles and many homeowners love it because it is proof of damages caused by weather, insects or rot.

White Vinyl Fence Front Yard

Vinyl picket Fence Front Yard

Front Yard Vinyl Fence

By knowing the pros and cons of the fencing options for the front yard, now you must know the best option of fence for your front yard. Take a look at your budget and the house’s exterior to determine the best front yard fence of your house.


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