Five Ways to Improve Waste Management for Businesses

July 16, 2021 Uncategorized

With so much rubbish being generated by businesses, landfill sites have reached capacity. It is important to take ownership and ensure that waste management forms part of every business’ corporate social responsibility policy. As the environment continues to buckle under the pressure of first world waste, it is important for all businesses to advocate and encourage recycling and reusing practices everyday. Waste management recycling initiatives doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

Here are the top 5 ways in which you can improve your waste management solutions in the office:

1. KNOW WHAT PRODUCTS YOU’RE GENERATING Conduct an audit of your office waste so you can accurately determine how much waste you are generating. You can then put in place adequate office recycling solutions.

Cardboard, paper, brochures, note pads, post it notes? These items are often thrown into the bin yet can effortlessly be thrown into a recycling bin instead. Place recycling bins near printers or office admin areas.

2. NEED TRANSPARENCY Understand the finer points of the waste your office is accumulating. As well as what is being thrown out, find out hoe much, how much it weighs, etc so you can create a proper recycling and waste management policy. You will also be able to report on your success by knowing your recycling rates.

3. ARE YOUR CONTAINERS REALLY ACCUMULATING WASTE? If your recycling bins always seem to be half-empty when it is being loaded for recycling, you know something is amiss. The fix might be as simple as choosing the right sized recycling box for your needs!

4. SET YOUR GOALS You should know what materials you’re creating, and also where the most waste items come from. With much less waste and top quality recycling, you can benefit from an increased bottom line and reduced purchasing costs.

5. ENGAGE YOUR STAFF MEMBERS From the conference room to the shop floor, everybody in your organisation can make a difference to your recycling efforts. Invest in educational promotion literature, make it a part of your company mission, create presentations and posters and anything your staff will respond to, to make certain that all of your employees recognise and understand the best methods of recycling, when and what to recycle and how often.

By getting staff buy in, it will become part of your company’s overall culture and make your waste management recycling policy a complete success.

Leaders in Waste Management Perth

Eco Resources, are leaders in waste management and can help you with your waste management recycling efforts. They have a zero waste policy and have diverted more than 500,000m3 of waste from landfill each year. So they know what they are talking about.

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