Flower Pot People Makes Your Garden Alive

Giving the touch of nature around your living area is a great idea. Flowers can improve the comfort of the area although it looks simple. It will be perfect if you put the flowers in the unique pot. Unique pot means that you have a pot which is different than an ordinary pot. To make it more fun and interesting, just try to modify an ordinary pot into flower pot people.

The idea is adding ornaments to the pot so it has specific character. The way to create flower pot people is also easy to do. Just prepare pots in various sizes. Don’t forget to prepare Styrofoam, strong wires, and wire cutters. That it! Now, you can start the project of DIY flower pot people at home for your garden. Later, you can feel the different before and after applying flower pot people in your garden. It seems that your garden looks life than before.

Here, you can read a little bit about flower pot people for your reference which you can also try by yourself at home. It is really fun, easy, and affordable to do. You can even ask the whole family including your children to create their own flower pot people.


Minion Flower Pot People

Let say, just ask your children to choose one of their favorite characters. It seems that they will choose the yellow creature known as minion. The best part is that your children can easily create minion flower pot people. You can use one pot for the head of minion only or prepare more than one pots to create a complete body of minion.

The simplest way to create minion flower pot people is by painting the pot with yellow. When it is dried, you can put the ornament such as eyes, mouth, glasses, and many more. You can create the ornament by using Styrofoam or just directly painting it.




Clay Flower Pot People

Interestingly, you can also create couple clay flower pot people. Just prepare around 12 small pots and two big pots. One of the big pots is used as the head of the character as well as the place of the flower. The other is for the body of the character. Just separate the 12 small pots into 4 parts and it means 3 small pots each.

Just arrange it as the hand and foot of the clay flower pot people. To make it more real, just add eyes, nose, mouth, shoes, fingers, and even clothes. You can use different type of material such as stone or fabric for the ornament or just painting it.




Terra Cotta Flower Pot People

In different theme, you can just choose to create terra cotta flower pot people. In this theme, you can just prepare more than one flower pots people. Just imagine that you are creating a fairytale kingdom and the one who live there are the flower pot people. It is good to think several characters and ornament for the flower pot people.



It is really a great idea especially if you have various types of flowers and plants you want to put in a pot. Definitely, your children will be very excited when they are visiting the garden if you put flower pot people.


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