French Country Curtains Tips for House Design

Your house is the place where you will spend the most of your time, this is the place where you can keep making new memories, so it is important to have a house which can help you relax. Unfortunately, if you got a boring house with boring style, that kind of relaxation will not come very easy, so if you think that your house now is boring, then it is time for a change.

The French country style is one of the most popular house style today, it is classy and elegant but is also relaxing one of the most important aspect of this style is the French country curtains; the curtains plays a significant role on this style.

French Country Curtains and Drapes

French Country Curtains


French Country Curtains Materials and Rods

When speaking of French country style, the essence is to be elegant and feminine but do not get too overboard, soft and pale colored theme are preferable. Because the essence of the French country style is very broad, you can use various materials for the curtains; toile, linen, cheesecloth are all welcome. For the rod, it is preferable if it’s simple in design; the design of the curtains is the main attraction here, the most usual material used for the rod is copper.

French Country Curtain Rod Pictures


French Country Curtains and Windows Treatments

Depending on the theme of your house, it is important to keep the same curtain design for each room, but for the main window, there are also some slight differences that need to be made. The first is the curtain on the window is preferably hanged a little bit higher; which means that you will need longer curtains, it is preferable to choose different color to your room’s wall but the curtains must still be pale colored.

French Country Curtain Fabric

French Country Curtain Panels


French Country Curtains for the Living Room

Considering the living room is going to be the place where you and all your guests will be spending time the most, choosing the right kind of curtains is very viral. Start by choosing a decorated curtain; remember that it needs to match your living room theme. The color if the curtains are up to you, you can even use transparent type of curtains as well. Remember to hang the curtains high and use long curtains.

French Country Curtains for Living Room

French Country Cottage Living Room With French Style Living Room Furniture


French Country Curtains for Bedroom

What is the best French country styled curtains for your bedroom? Well, this is a question that the answer can be different depending on your preferences, but the most common bedroom curtains for this style use cream colored and delicate materials. This is the room where you sleep so it is better not to go overboard with the curtain design, just choose simple one that is clean looking to help you relax better; it is also preferable if the color is not too vibrant.

French Country Bedroom Curtain

French Country Bedroom Curtains Pictures


Waverly French Country Curtains

It is suggested that you choose curtains that is very simple in design but clean in looks, but it does not mean that you only able to get that kind of curtains only. Waverly fabric curtain is also represented the essence of French country style, but there are a lot of different design to choose from. That is why, it is important for you to decide on the overall theme of your room first before choosing the curtains so that it will make it easier for you to choose for a curtain with design perfectly coordinating with the theme of the room.

Waverly French Country Curtain Pictures

Waverly French Country Curtain

Waverly French Country Curtains


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