French Country Decor Elements for House Design

Whether if you find your house styling boring or you just bought a new house, it is important to choose the right theme and decoration for your house. Not only that it will make your house looks a lot better, but it will also affect the mood of the occupants. If you are living in a plain house without much to see, it will be hard for you to get excited, try decorating your house with a theme in mind and speaking of theme, you should try the French country decor style. There are a lot of decor styles that you can choose to do, but you need to check this one decor style, as it is acknowledged as one of the most appealing house style in the world today.

There are a lot of different styling to this French country style, you can have three house with French country decoration but each of them has different feels to one another; different colors, different settings and different type of furniture. It is possible because the French country theme is so broad. If you are interested but do not know where to start, here are some information that will prove to be useful for you.


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French Country Decor Characteristics

So how can some style be considered as French country decor? Here are the telling characteristics of a French country style house; there is no particular color associated with French country decor, but French country theme color must be soft, pale, bright and not dark. The most used type of fabric for this type of decor is toile; which will be largely used in any French styled theme. The furniture styling is also important, as for this format, you will be needing furniture with rustic feel; not too modern and looks natural.

French country Decor kitchen

French country Decor living room


French Country Decor Apartment

Before we are starting with the basic ideas on French country style house, you can make your apartment in French country theme as well; of course it is all depends on the size of your apartment. You will be buying a lot of toile cloth for this though and it is most likely wants you to change all your furniture. Want s simple decor idea? Buy a classic chandelier, buy big oval shaped wall mirror, all furniture must have rustic feel and use toile cloth.


French country Decor Bedroom


French Country Decor Fabrics

Although toile cloth is important, you can also use different kinds of fabrics as well, you can make do with other type of fabrics and it will still gives the same feels as the toile. The best alternatives you can have for toile includes French Homespun and Kelsch, as the name implies, the French homespun came originally from French, Kelsch is also the same. Other alternative fabrics such as Indienne Cotton Toile de Jouy can also be used.

French Country Decor Fabrics Pictures

French Country Décor Fabrics


French Country Animal Decor

Now, if you really want to show the theme of your house then you can use various animal decorations on your house and if you are using French country decor, then there is no more fitting animal than the rooster. Rooster themed decor is also not very difficult to find and they come in many variety, although you cannot just pick whatever and put it on your living room. Remember that French country theme relies on its softness, so pick the right animal decor which is suitable with your theme.

French Country Animal Decor Ideas

French Country Animal Décor


French Country Outdoor Decor

If by chance you got a big enough front and backyard, then it is important to start decorating them with similar theme with your house as well. To decorate your outdoor yard with the French country theme you will need a lot of natural colors and natural decor; real life plants are important and you need to use stones as wall, also use wood for planks or fences. Overall, your outdoor must feel very natural with the right French country decor theme.

French Country Outdoor Décor Pictures French country Outdoor Decorating Ideas


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