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If you have those dreams where you really wish to bring a whole movie theater, from its concessions to that earth shattering speaker, well now you can. Building your own home theater design is not that impossible, many audio/video system company has offer to bring a theater experience to your house. From living room home theater design, you want for a family time or bringing the extra entertainment for home theater design with bar are now within the reach.

The price range can vary from the low $1.000 to fancy complete modern home theater design ideas at +$25.000. And even if you want to take it further, you can spend more for a concession area. But before you begin the searching and decide how much to spend, you got to know what to prepare first. To build a maximum result of immersive home theater experience, here’s what you need to know.

Home Theater Design DIY

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Home Theater Design Living Room


Setting Up the Space

If you only need a simple home theater in the living room, then you don’t need to create a specific room. You can just straight to set up the tech itself. But if you want a real home theater experience at least you have a special room just for the theater. You need a room that will fit the giant screen, the projector and all its component, a spectator sitting place, and even a snack machine.

Home Theater Design with Bar Pictures

Home Theater Design with Bar Images

Home Theater Design with Bar Ideas


The Gear

Usually for a home theater experience you can choose a typical 5.1 surround sound system and a HD television with 50 inches up screen. Or a projector and its display with equal size. Calculate the speaker placement, and the display distance for an ideal viewing angle. For the seat, you can find a lot sofa theater. The more expensive will feature more technology like cup holder, table, reclining, feet support, heater, massager, leather stitch, etc.

Living Room Home Theater Design Pictures

Living Room Home Theater Design Ideas

Living Room Home Theater Design


Viewing Pleasure

The design of your home theater will very much affects your viewing experience. You have to manage the optimum distance between the screen and the seat, the speaker placement, and seat height. If you have more than one row seat, you have to adjust the height of them as well. Consult it with the provider for the best result. And for extra pleasure, you might consider a bar inside your home theater or popcorn machine as well.

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Modern Home Theater Design Ideas

Modern Home Theater Design Ideas Designs


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