How to Fix the Cracks in My Wall

July 2, 2021 home improvement

So, you’ve noticed some cracks on your wall and a series of questions are flooding through your head. Is it serious? Should you be worried? Will you be able to fix it yourself or will you need to call professionals for wall repairs in Perth? These are the questions we seek to answer here today.

Why do walls crack?

Walls can crack for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common causes of the cracks that you’ll find on your walls:

1. Aging and Foundation settling

Most things wear down when they age, and houses are no exception. Due to fluctuations in the weather and the temperature, the walls expand and contract, causing slight shifts in the ground. These movements are perfectly safe but they can lead to cracks forming over time, particularly in weak spots surrounding doors and windows. In fact, if you notice hairline cracks in these areas, this is probably the issue at hand. These cracks are usually very thin and harmless. Taping and repainting is often more than enough to fix it, however, if you have any concerns, you should check with a professional.

2. New home cracks

Unlike with aging homes, most people don’t expect freshly built homes to come with the risk of cracking. However, contrary to this expectation, new homes are very likely to have cracks appear within the first few years. This is due to the fact that fresh lumber will typically contain a large amount of moisture and will naturally shift as it dries out. Similarly to the cracks caused by aging, these cracks usually aren’t anything to concern yourself with. It’s typically best to wait at least a year before you attempt to fix them as you’ll want the wood to dry completely so that the cracks don’t return.

3. Bad workmanship

Another reason why you might see cracks would be problems caused during the initial installation. Unfortunately, there are times when people cut corners and this can have negative impacts on the general integrity. When drywall is installed, the panels need to be joined together at the team and then taped before being painted over. If the seam hasn’t been filled or sealed properly then the tape can peel off and start to leave traces of cracking. You may be able to solve the problem with just a little bit of glue but if it seems a bit more widespread, you may need to call someone in to deal with the wall repairs in Perth.

4. Leaks

Water damage is a common cause of ceiling cracks and many who need ceiling and wall repairs in Perth have this problem. Leaks from the roof or windows can cause moisture to seep into the walls and thereby result in softening and deterioration. You can spot indications of water damage if there are stains that are brownish or yellowish in colouration. Leaks need to be repaired before you begin fixing any problems with the drywall. This will ensure that the leak won’t cause the same problem to reoccur later on.

How should you fix cracking?

If you find cracks, it’s important that you remember that there is no need to panic. Experts in wall and ceiling repairs in Perth are available for you to call when you need. Perth Ceiling and Walls are a top-tier company that will give you a quality yet affordable service. If you need wall repairs in Perth, there is no better choice. Contact them today for a free quote today, and get your walls looking as good as new in no time.