How to Get Your Skippers Ticket in Perth

May 24, 2021 Lifestyle
How to Get Your Skippers Ticket in Perth

With international travel restricted, many people have been turning inwards towards Australia to get their adventure fixed. You could fly over east or perhaps you could explore a whole new side of WA by getting your boat licence. Getting your recreational skippers’ ticket in Perth is an easy and rewarding process that will allow you to be at the helm of your very own boat and take to the open seas at any time.

The licence doesn’t expire and can be obtained at very affordable prices by using a Perth boat school. To find out more, read on.

How Do You Get Your Boat Licence?

The easiest way to get your recreational skippers ticket is by using a Perth boat school. They will help equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the skipper’s ticket test. A good boat school is flexible and finds a way to slot in easily with any schedule.

Sea Safe Boat School is one such example of a company that prioritises this aspect as they are open 7 days a week and start their courses as early as 8 in the morning. This ensures that anyone can get their ticket at a time that is suitable for them. Using a boat school will also ensure that you have access to the relevant materials when it comes to doing the written component of the test and an expert to help you with the practical skills necessary.

Why Should You Get a Boat Licence?

There are many reasons why getting a boat licence may be a fantastic option for you. Being able to sail the sea with your recreational sailing vessel is a free and liberating experience unlike any other. The allure of the sea is incomparable and a licence helps you make the most of that.

Sitting your test will ensure that you have the skills and knowledge requires to be the skipper for your ship. You will demonstrate your understanding of the water rules as well as your capability at the helm. For such an inexpensive task that can be completed in a short timeframe, the payoff is huge. 

How Much Is Skipper’s Course?

The exact price to get a skippers ticket at a Perth boat school will vary but they are very affordable given that the licence lasts forever and gives you so much freedom, at Sea Safe Boat School. There is a range of prices with the all-inclusive gold cost priced at $270 and if you have a group booking of 3 or more the price is $250 per person. The courses on offer at Sea Safe are all great value with one of the lowest hourly rates and no hidden costs.

You will get more content, free extras, and the opportunity to train with some of the most qualified mariners in the city. Take advantage of their super high success rate and contact them today to get started on your skipper’s ticket in Perth.