Ideas for Installing Kashmir White Granite as Home Surface

Granite surely becomes one favorite natural material which is used for building a house. It comes with luxury and there are various granite options which can be found including Kashmir white granite.

This is type of granite with soft color which people can consider for covering the surface in their house. It is not natural granite after all but people still love it since it can deliver the luxurious look with more affordable price.

There are various ideas which people can use for installing this granite type as part of their home.


Kashmir White Granite with White Cabinets

Kitchen must be one area where people can install this granite type. White kitchen becomes huge dream for many people because it will represent the hygiene which is important part of the kitchen. Nevertheless, all white kitchens can be boring.

By combining Kashmir white granite with white cabinets, the white kitchen will not look boring at all since the marble of the granite can give more texture in the kitchen. The white granite can be applied as counter surface or working surface in the kitchen.

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Kashmir White Granite Dark Cabinets

White granite can look great with white cabinet so how about Kashmir white granite dark cabinets? Dark cabinet surely can look great when it is combined with the white granite because it can bring the contrast look in the kitchen. It can bring the brighter side in the kitchen. It will also be useful for helping the kitchen looks clean and attractive.

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Kashmir White Granite Backsplash Ideas

Besides for working surface, Kashmir white granite backsplash ideas can also be considered. Backsplash must be important thing to install especially in the area which has frequent contact with water such as the sink and the shower. Installing white granite as the backsplash becomes simple method to keep the wall dry and improve the look easily.

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Kashmir White Granite Honed

There are various ideas of the use of the white granite type. People will find a great result when they try Kashmir white granite honed in their house. The white granite will never fail to bring the luxurious look in their house.



Kashmir White Granite Bathroom

White granite can be great material for building the beautiful kitchen but people can also find a great result when using the white granite for their bathroom. The Kashmir white granite bathroom will deliver the luxurious vibe to anyone who enters the room. It can be perfect not only for shower backsplash but also for the bathroom floor and sink.

kashmir-white-granite-bathroom-ideas kashmir-white-granite-bathroom-pictures kashmir-white-granite-bathroom


Kashmir White Granite with Cherry Cabinets

The granite usually will be chosen by considering the cabinet. The Kashmir white granite with cherry cabinets can give the fresh combination. The cabinet should not always be white or dark of course.

kashmir-white-granite-with-cherry-cabinets-ideas kashmir-white-granite-with-cherry-cabinets-photos Kashmir-White-Granite-with-Cherry-Cabinets-Pictures

People can create the luxurious house by installing Kashmir white granite in some parts of the house. It can be used for the floor and working surface. It will also be great choice for backsplash. Combining it with the right cabinet will create the right look in the house.


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