Ideas of Best and Effective Bath Toy Storage

Bath toys always become beloved things of your kids while taking a bath. It always makes them happily playing while cleaning their body. However, the plastic toys need home to stay to prevent cluttering bathtub after splashing. This is the great reason for you to have bath toy storage. So you can make sure the plastic toys have their place to stay until they are played again by the kids.

Storage space for bath toys should be designed to store the wet toys well. It is not only fit for the amounts of the toys, but also can dry out the wet toys properly, so no mold will grow and make spots on the toys. Some of the best storage for the bath toys are in the form of bucket, box, and net. Make sure they are acceptable to wet toys and the design is made to dry out the toys while being stored.

Bath Toy Storage Ideas

Bath Toy Storage


Storage Bucket for the Bath Toys

Bath toy storage bucket is commonly made from plastic and designed with holes on the base that enables the water to drain. You can choose storage buckets in kinds of designs today; not only in the conventional shape of bucket, but also designed in unique shape like animal characters. Besides, the buckets are commonly designed with ergonomic handle to ease the kids to take and put the buckets back on the place. Just choose the best one that will be loved by the kids.

Bath Toy Storage Bucket Picture

Bath Toy Storage Bucket


Bath Toy Storage Box

Just like the storage bucket, bath toy storage box is also commonly designed well to store the wet toys in bathroom. It is also made from plastic with drain system on the base. If you don’t like the clutter look for storing the bath toys in a visible place of the bathroom, you can choose to make a hidden storage. Place the storage box below the bathtub with closed cabinetry style. Make sure you make the way for the water to flow.

Bath Toy Storage Box


Bath Toy Storage Net

When you choose bath toy storage net, make sure it is made from quick drying materials like nylon. It will drain the water from the toys quickly and prevent mold growth. The storage net is available in kinds of options such as animal character, caddies, skip hop, etc. The designs are also available variously for hanging system including wall-mounted net or ceiling-mounted hanging.

Bath Toy Storage Net Bag

Bath Toy Storage Net Pictures

Bath Toy Storage Net

Choose the best bath toy storage based on the favorite characters of your kids, the theme of the bathroom and also the available space to place the toy storage. With a proper storage, the toys will be stored and dry out properly and the kids will be happy in every bath time with their clean bath toys.


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