Incredibly Creative Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small bedroom storage ideas are always needed when you have small bedroom at home. Small bedroom does not mean messy bedroom. You can always make your bedroom neat by creating nice storage for your stuff. Of course when you have small bedroom, you cannot squeeze like gigantic closet for your clothes and stuff. Thus, you have to find something else.

Thankfully, today there are a lot of clever ideas about creating storage for small bedroom. Most of them are really clever and can be easily made. You can make them the best storage for small room and your stuff won’t be messy anymore.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas for Couples


1. Under the Bed

The space under the bed can totally be made as storage. You can build a drawer under the bed or even modify the bed so that the bed can be removed easily and the hollow space under the bed can be used as storage. A lot of people today are using this method to keep their stuff. This will work effectively especially in a small bedroom. There will be no more cabinet needed.

Low Cost Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Images

Low Cost Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Pictures


2. Behind the Headboard

Headboard can be useful but sometimes it is not so useful especially if it is thick and massive. That is why you can always take advantages out of the huge headboard by making a storage in the headboard or behind the headboard. You can even make it easier by making a sort of shelf that can be inserted in the headboard. It can be used to keep your tie, your shoes, or whatever it is that you like.

Bedroom Storage Solutions for Small Rooms

Small Master Bedroom Storage Solutions


3. Under the Ceiling

This is also a very clever idea. You can make your bed looks like a bunk bed but the upper part of the bed is to store stuff. So, there will be placed under the ceiling where you can keep your stuff. You can easily reach out the storage by using the ladder like a normal bunk bed. It is a seriously clever idea to make your bed more comfortable even though it is small and limited.

Very Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Pictures

Very Small Bedroom Storage Ideas


4. Floating Drawers

It is not only floating shelves that can be used to save up space. Floating drawers can be used to make it as well. Floating drawers is like the upper drawer you have in the kitchen but instead of having cookware in it, you can have your clothes. It can be made as simple as you want and it can be designed to follow the overall design of the room. It will make the storing problems vanish for goods.

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


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