Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Dream House

To build your own indoor swimming pool in house can be a tricky one. Sometimes it is still considered as a luxury features to have an indoor swimming pool. But today it is not only for the rich because it becomes a one of the common option when build a house with indoor swimming pool design. A big size pool for more serious swimming, but small pool can be an option too if you just need for a casual dipping with your friends at a party.

Indoor swimming pool gain more popularity because nowadays swimming is multipurpose. People sometimes swim for a therapy, a medical treatment, and even stress relieve. So having your own indoor swimming pool in house can be very handy for those who needs a quicker access or more privacy than a public swimming pool. Here are some ideas and indoor swimming pool pictures for your references.

Indoor Swimming Pool Pictures

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas


Jacuzzi-Like Swimming Pool

Small pool with water heater and wine table at the edge is pretty fancy and popular these days. You do not have to build a big pool for a long run if you only use it for casual swim. And it is easier to build, you do not have to concrete flooring the pool. Many option may offer you a custom pool base without drill a new hole in your existing house.

Indoor Swimming Pool Designs Pictures

Modern Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

Small Indoor Swimming Pool Designs


Swimming Pool with Stream

This one is also gain more popularity among many people with more professional intention. A small swimming pool fits for one man with artificial stream can be used as a training equipment. You do not have to worry to running out of place if you swim through because the stream will make you stay in place. This type of pool requires a minimum space and can be installed anywhere you desire.

Indoor Swimming Pool in House Images

Indoor Swimming Pool in House Pictures

Indoor Swimming Pool in House


Indoor Swimming Pool for Decoration

Many people also consider an indoor swimming pool in house to enrich the decoration. Usually it presents like a small pond but can also be used as standard pool when you have the feeling to dip in. This kind of indoor swimming pool design is required a more aesthetic look than a standard pool. Because the intention is to make it as an artistic d├ęcor so you cannot just have the simple pool look. You can look into these collection of indoor swimming pool pictures to get the idea how might they look as an artistic object.

Cool Indoor Swimming Pool Pictures

Indoor Swimming Pool Pictures


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