Log Cabin Kitchens with Modern and Rustic Style

If you are typically person who loves a log house, it is consider improving your kitchen with log cabin kitchen. If you think that it is hard to do, you should think twice. In fact, there are several easy log cabin kitchens you can apply for your reference.

The reason why people love to apply this kind of style is because log cabin kitchens combine the beauty and artistic style. This is also a perfect option for those who want to apply wood at home. Just combine the wood material along with metal and stone and you are ready to cook in a stunning log cabin kitchen. The natural sensation from the wood makes your kitchen feel so warm and cozy. Definitely, it boosts your cooking spirit and the result is that you can serve high quality foods for your lovely family.

Log cabin kitchen is good for you who stay in an area around mountains, forest, or beautiful outdoor. The idea is how to mix and match the items for the kitchen. Different items you take for the kitchen will give different sensation. Here, you can get more reference of log cabin kitchens application with different material and sensation.


Log Cabin Kitchen Cabinets

To improve your kitchen into log cabin kitchen, it is important to get the best log cabin kitchen cabinets. Most of log cabin kitchens are applying wooden kitchen cabinets. It will be perfect if you are applying natural wood with clear finish.

The type of wood you can use for the log cabin kitchen cabinets is various. It is okay to use clear pine, maple, cherry, oak, or cedar. The way to choose the wood depends on how rustic the log kitchen you want. For those who want to create American style kitchen, just paint the log cabin kitchen cabinets with milky color.


Park Vista Kitchen



Small Log Cabin Kitchens

Is it possible to create log cabin kitchen if you only have small kitchen. Don’t worry with the size because small log cabin kitchens are available. Those log cabin kitchens are supported by dark wood. The most important thing is to make sure that you can manage the log kitchen in its best function. In fact, small log cabin kitchen will make your kitchen looks gorgeous and cozy.

To make the log kitchen fresher, you can put some plants around the kitchen. Ceramic items which strengthen the natural atmosphere will be okay. Just imagine that you have a kitchen under the ship and the sensation will be like that.


small-log-cabin-kitchens-photo unique-small-log-cabin-kitchens


Huge Log Cabin Kitchens

It is great if you have huge area of kitchen. This is because you can create more creative huge log cabin kitchen just like what you want. Commonly, huge log cabin kitchens are managed in modern and rustic style. You can add a fireplace somewhere around the log cabin kitchens.



The best part of the huge log cabin kitchens is on the way you choose the material. Just take bright wood color and combine it with the dark color by adding darker furniture. Most of huge log cabin kitchens tend to use large cabinet with two doors. Adding hanging lamps are also great and it makes your log cabin kitchen looks spacious.


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