New Caledonia Granite for Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and the bathroom can be part of the house with great challenge associated with design and decoration. It usually comes with small space but there can be various things and functions which should be packed in that space. Installing new caledonia granite can be good option to make beautiful kitchen and bathroom.

When people are talking about the kitchen and the bathroom, choosing the right surface is important. The kitchen and bathroom becomes the part of the house which has to deal with high humidity.

Granite will not only be great for surface but it will also be perfect for adding luxurious look in the kitchen and bathroom.


New Caledonia Granite with Espresso Cabinets

Granite can always look great in the kitchen but to make it look much better, people have to make sure that the granite is combined with the right cabinet since cabinet becomes the dominant part of the kitchen.

Good combination can be found from the new caledonia granite with espresso cabinets especially for creating monochromatic kitchen. The grayish look of the granite will give the contrast look for dark colored cabinet.

new-caledonia-granite-with-espresso-cabinets-ideas new-caledonia-granite-with-espresso-cabinets-pictures new-caledonia-granite-with-espresso-cabinets


New Caledonia Granite with Dark Cabinets

Considering new caledonia granite with dark cabinets can be another choice which people can use in their kitchen. It will always be perfect to combine the brighter color and dark color. Dark cabinet is chosen in the kitchen because of the practical reason.

However, it does not mean that they also need to use dark color for the kitchen countertop for instance. The grayish color of granite can be perfect to keep the practical aspect in the kitchen without ignoring the beautiful look in the kitchen.

new-caledonia-granite-with-dark-cabinets-ideas new-caledonia-granite-with-dark-cabinets-images new-caledonia-granite-with-dark-cabinets-pictures


New Caledonia Granite White Cabinets

Gray and white surely will be perfect combination especially in the modern design. The new caledonia granite white cabinets will give the perfect modern look which people are looking for in the kitchen. Instead of boring all-white kitchen, a splash of gray can catch people’s attention easily.

new-caledonia-granite-white-cabinets-ideas new-caledonia-granite-white-cabinets-photos new-caledonia-granite-white-cabinets


New Caledonia Granite with Backsplash

As part of the kitchen, granite usually will be used as the working surface. It can be installed on the countertop or the kitchen island. However, people will also get great result from new caledonia granite with backsplash.

Matching look of working surface and backsplash surely will increase the attractiveness in the kitchen. At the same time, it will also be useful for creating the illusion of space in the kitchen which is usually small.

new-caledonia-granite-with-backsplash-images new-caledonia-granite-with-backsplash-pictures new-caledonia-granite-with-backsplash


New Caledonia Granite Bathroom

Kitchen can be the room in the house which gets the greatest support from the granite installation. Nevertheless, we can make sure that new caledonia granite bathroom can also be excellent decision. Luxurious bathroom can be found when installing the granite for the floor and backsplash in the bathroom as well.

new-caledonia-granite-bathroom-ideas new-caledonia-granite-bathroom-images new-caledonia-granite-bathroom

Gray color can be found from new caledonia granite and this can be the reason why this granite type is loved by people to create modern kitchen and bathroom. It can be combined with another tone which comes from monochromatic category after all.


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