DIY College Apartment Decor Ideas

The ideas of college apartment decor would always be the most wanted idea to decorate small apartment or sharing room in college. College apartment usually has limited space. Some college even provides only dormitory instead of apartment for the students. To make the college apartment more comfortable and attractive, there are several DIY decor ideas. […]

Creative Wall Paneling Ideas for Interior Decoration

The wall paneling ideas can always be the best part of interior decoration. The wall panel, will give more accent to the wall. Since the panels are normally more eye catching than other part of the wall, it can also work as room separation. You can also use the panels to emphasize the dimension of […]

4 DIY Bed Frame Ideas to Improve Your Bedroom

There are several ideas of diy bed frame that can instantly improve your bedroom. A bed frame is part of the bed structure that is usually made of wood, bamboo, sometimes it can also be made of bricks. This structure works as the main support to the mattress. There are countless bed frame designs available […]