Red Front Door to Boost Positive Energy of Your House

You may be familiar with the scene of a house with red painted door on the front. This is almost like a symbol of every house in history because as a matter of fact, red front door appeared from a really long time ago. The most matching combination is usually a red front door on brick house. Or some European country have a colorful house like red front door blue house or gray house red front door.

They believe that with a red colored door for their house can bring a good positive vibe and energy to attract wealth and luck. Also the color of your front door represents the owner, red means vibrant, full of life, energy, and excited. In Feng Sui, the door symbolizes the mouth of the house, and red door means the chi is drawn to the house. Red is lucky color and Chinese New Year is identical with red color everywhere.

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Make Your Entry Stand Out

It is surely that having a red front door really make the house looks stunning. It can give a contrast to what the wall color of the house and provide accent as well. It emphasizes where the entry is and it is a good idea if your house has a lot of entry. Keep in mind that you have to always match the color of the walls and decorative that surrounds the door as well.

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Choose the Right Red

You cannot just pick a random red paint to color you front door because sometimes you will end up making the door look horrible. There are lots of shades like soft red, neon red, or crimson. It depends on how you want to present the color and which one look the best for your house. A calmer red might be better and darker one so that the color will not be too punchy for the eyes.

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Red Front Door on Brick House


Attract Great Energy

It is being known that red door really attracts good vibe and energy for the entire house. Because everything that goes inside your house basically went through the door first so it is important. In Feng Sui, it can nourish the Chi and do good thing for health, career, love-life, etc. Not only the color, but also the shape and material will make a different. It can give impact to our psychology and bring more confident.

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